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Colors and Productivity: Improving the Workplace with Commercial Painting Services

In order to initiate a positive change in the workplace, transform a boring, dull and uninspiring workplace into an inspiring, motivating and pleasant environment by hiring the services of a commercial painting contractor. But how can you convince your boss to agree to your suggestion? Your boss may think that the current working environment is still stimulating for creativity and productivity, but enlightening your boss about the real picture and description of your workplace will enlighten his mind, letting him realize the inadequate lighting and bland walls can negatively impact an employee’s engagement, morale and productivity. Surely, your suggestion will be considered and appreciated because changing the colors or decorating style may actually allow an engaged and relaxed working environment rather than feeling tired or bored.

The psychology of color or chromatology has been utilized by companies for years for improving the reactions and moods of their workers and customers, and in return improving their business goals. Selecting different hues helps in achieving different things, and choosing the right color can promotes productivity, supports and increases sales and improve customer experience. There is a study showing that ninety percent of snap judgments depend on the product’s packaging and branding, thus there is really a huge impact of colors in marketing. But, how will you decide on choosing the best color for your product or business? Color red appears to be the closest color to the viewers with different products displayed on a stand as it stands out and easily grabs customer attention. There are physical effects of color red such as increased blood pressure, increased heart rate, increased appetite, and giving an illusion that time is passing quickly than it is. If you want to highlight a particular message such as a “call to action” button, use red to highlight the information so it is noticed first and appears closer to the viewer.

Use color blue to stimulate the mind, strong blues giving a clear thought and soft blues helping in concentration and it also have calming effect. Studies have shown that blue painted rooms can significantly improve the study capabilities of students as well as increase production line productivity. Blue is associated with feelings of dependability and trust, slowing heart rate and decreasing appetite. Yellow is usually associated with confidence, optimism, fun, and happiness, improving employees’ creativity and giving your consumers a warm feeling about your product. Using green in your packaging provides an image of environmental consciousness, wealth and enviable.