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IRA Financial Group: Real Estate Investment with a Self-Directed IRA

What is the meaning of self-directed IRA? Self-directed IRA refers to alternative types of investments that are IRA custodian approved and accepted, a financial institution that responsible for IRS reporting requirements and keeping records. Potential tax benefits is perhaps the greatest benefit of using a self-directed IRA when purchasing a real estate. With a self-directed IRA, your gains get to be tax-free because of tax-deferral, until you make withdrawals, or if your investment holdings are in a Roth IRA. Active real estate investors may still engage in buying, selling, and flipping properties, moving funds from one project to another, and still maintaining the tax-deferral status of the IRA.

A lot of people don’t realize or are not aware that they can invest their retirement in real estate, and they can purchase a property without the tax benefits of a 401k or IRA. With the use of self-directed IRA, you can engage in investing your retirement plan in a real estate and gain the benefits of delayed taxes on investment gains, tax-free growth through a Roth IRA, leverage growth, protection against market volatility and inflation, rental income, and a chance to pay your retirement house. As long as you keep the money from selling a property to your retirement account, an IRA delays the taxes, thus allowing to earn higher an after-tax-return for your real estate portfolio. In Roth IRA, you don’t have tax deductions for your contributions, and you have more tax savings as your investment earnings are tax-free when making withdrawals after the age of 59 1/2 as compared to traditional IRA. When you purchase a real estate property under your IRA, the title will not be under your name but your IRA, thus offering a financial protection in case of default loan, wherein the lender can seize the property but not your other assets and your own personal credit score will be not affected.

When compared to the stock market, there is lesser stress and risks associated with real estate investments, so it is best to invest your retirement plan to real estate properties as they value tend to rise over time. With rental income, you can pay off your mortgage and your other investment property expenses, and any additional income stays in your IRA. Attain your dream house with the help of IRA. By buying a retirement property through a self-directed IRA, you can earn rental income, and when you are ready to retire, you can just withdraw the title from your IRA, and then move into your retirement home. Allowus to help you increase awareness and understanding about self-directed IRA options by visiting our website or homepage now.

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