Three Factors To Consider When Choosing A Mattress

Having the right mattress is crucial to a good night’s sleep, but it can be hard to figure out which mattress is the best option when confronted with a store full of choices. Many customers make the mistake of choosing a mattress based on price alone or on a sales person’s recommendation of a popular product. However, mattresses exist in such a wide variety because every sleeper has different needs. The following are some of the most important factors to consider when shopping for a new mattress.


The first consideration in choosing a mattress should be the degree of firmness it offers. Customers should visit a mattress store and lie down for several minutes on at least three different mattresses: a soft mattress, a medium-firm mattress, and a firm mattress. A medium firm mattress tends to be a good choice for most people, but a firm mattress provides better support for back alignment while a soft mattress can ease pressure on pressure points, especially for side sleepers.

Motion Transfer

For those who sleep with a partner, motion transfer is another important factor to consider. Motion transfer means that, when one partner gets in bed, gets up, or rolls over, the other partner is likely to feel it and be disturbed. The best mattress material to minimize motion transfer is a foam mattress—either memory foam or latex. A foam mattress can be an ideal choice for a light sleeper.


Some people sleep best in a warm, cozy bed, while others wake up in discomfort when they feel too hot. Sleepers who need a cool sleeping surface should look for a mattress that doesn’t absorb too much body heat. Innerspring mattresses allow more air circulation within the mattress, while memory foam mattresses tend to retain heat. Some mattresses are made with an outer layer of cooling gel that is very helpful to hot sleepers.

In addition to these factors, mattress shoppers should also look for mattresses that will protect them from mold and dust mites, especially if they suffer from allergies. Other considerations include size, layer components, and, of course, price. To learn about some of the most comfortable mattresses on the market these days, Read More Here.