I Have a Second Job

It is rather interesting to put it mildly, but it is not like I am really doing a lot. I knew this girl a long time ago when I was living and working in Las Vegas as a bodyguard. At any rate someone told her that I was living here, in fact doing some random stuff here, mostly revolving around real estate and fixing up house. This girl said that she was working for an escort service near Provo, UT when she got in touch with me, but of course this was not what I was expecting from her. When she was in Las Vegas she was running an entire operation which put together bachelor parties. She would hire a party bus if you wanted one and she had a venue sort of out of the way in Clark County. I am sure that stuff like that happened and she might have arranged it, but she was never working for anyone while I knew her.

This was indeed the case, she was the boss. It did look as though she probably had partners as this was a pretty large operation. At any rate she smiled and made me take my shirt off for a couple of the girls who were sitting around her office. I told her that I was not in great shape, but a couple of them came up to run their fingers over my abs. She asked me if I could still do a back flip in dress shoes. I shrugged and told her that I honestly did not know. Then she asked me if I had a concealed carry license in Utah. Of course it was hardly a big deal to get one in a state like Utah. I was pretty sure she could have found a lot of other guys to work for her, probably plenty who would do it almost nothing.