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Tips for Choosing a Mover

If you’ve ever tried moving to a new home, you know just how exhausting, time-consuming and even expensive the process can be. Moving companies should make the process easier, but when we make the wrong choice, things can turn bad so quickly, especially if the decision is made to save cash or time.

Here are five key points to consider when selecting a moving company for your next relocation:

Spend time for research.

From time to time, we hear that we should ask for recommendations from people around you such as trusted friends, family members or colleagues – when looking for a moving service. Fact is, this path can be as unsafe as arbitrarily selecting a number from your local phone directory. That’s because we typically trust instead of verifying. You can listen to recommendations but be sure to do all due diligence by spending time to research.

Estimates should be in black and white.

For example, you’ve spoken to different companies and they have each provided a cost by email or phone. Make sure all final bids are full estimates in writing and all the parameters are filled in as per your talk. Before you can expect an accurate quote from a mover, they should be aware of all the crucial details of concerns your relocation.

Choose a licensed and insured company.

Without a doubt, you are responsible for the safety of every person who is helping you in your move. But when it comes to hiring a professional mover, they should take responsibility for themselves by getting a license and insurance.

Look for proper credentials.

For instance, if you’ll be moving long distance, you need to consider more issues before deciding on a particular company. Make sure the interstate mover you’re hiring holds a license from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, whose website has a feature that lets you check licenses. If they claim to have the such credentials, have them present proof.

Read online reviews posted by customers.

Even if your first few conversations had gone well, research deeper into the company’s customer service history. Fortunately, there are several websites that you can check, but don’t veer away from trusted sites like Yelp and Angie’s List to make sure you get fair and trustworthy reviews. Avoid marketing websites, including reviews on the mover’s own website, as they are biased by default.

Moving usually comes with a lot of stress on its own, so don’t add to it by being careless in your choice of a moving company. Good thing it’s not too hard to assess companies and make the right decisions according to your specific needs as soon as you know what’s important.

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