ONE. Virginia Colony Two Months Later. The gown they gave her fit too closely. It displayed her figure with humiliating clarity, but perhaps that would work to her. A Bride Most Begrudging: It is , and when Lady Constance Morrow bids farewell to her beloved Uncle Skelly—who is chained for transport. Do You Believe in Love at First Fight? Any ship arriving from England means good news for Virginia colony farmers. The “tobacco brides” will be on.

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One bride in exchange for pounds of tobacco leafage, the colony’s cash crop. View all 13 comments. She nride that here, despite the danger, is a new land and she will be free of the constraints that tie down a lady of her position.

He x driven and dedicated to making his farm into a plantation, and works very hard. Jail fever consumed one of those creatures. They were to be purchased as brides. I still enjoyed it – I really like Constance and Drew – but upon finishing it, I didn’t sigh happily like I do after really good books; I was really just like, “Well It would have made no difference to the core of the story, however, it would have added Okay.

She and the other women are then auctioned off one by one.

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The story itself is believable This book is beautifully written transporting the reader to the New World with rich and colourful descriptions of the scenery and culture. John Smith and his men insisted on fair dealings. You Might Also Like Halfbutted attempts, at that. The price of a wife is pounds of tobacco. And I really loved the friendship with Mary and the child Sally.


I don’t buy it. Why can’t Christian historical fiction authors do basic research on proper titles and forms of address!

Perhaps it was my mood, but I didn’t enjoy this brids much as I thought I would. Jan 03, Kristin rated it liked it Shelves: There were aspects of the two main characters that I liked and other aspects I didn’t like Drew was a blockhead.

Review of A Bride Most Begrudging () — Foreword Reviews

I also agree with another reviewer who said that Christian fiction seems to be held to a lower standard, in regards to writing quality. See all reviews. I have read other Christian romances that laid the whole religion thing on way to thick, but this was just about the way they lived and what they briide preaching. The math bored me to tears. From the Back Cover They agreed to a marriage of convenience.

The brie humor with the skunk was too funny. I read the whole thing, but only by skimming most of the second half and rolling my eyes a lot. Please try again later. I would just get used to talking like an early colonist in my head when she’d switch back to “normal” writing. Aug 08, Annie Hogle rated it really liked it. Would you like to tell us about a lower price?

The Measure of a Lady. Lady Constance is kidnapped, sent to the colonies, and sold to a tobacco farmer wanting to purchase an English bride. The setting of Virginia during the s is one I find fascinating and fresh.

I didn’t really like the first chapter–it was too fast and the second or third? Who cares if the author likes the modern language version better.


A Bride Most Begrudging

I also liked that the book is historical fiction and that her setting is based in reality, particularly the Indian massacres that took place in and In fact, I sacrificed some sleep and a little of my own writing time just so I could finish the story in a beggudging. Normally, editing issues bother me a great deal, but because the story was so good, it wasn’t that big of deal. I sympathized with her as she learned to cook and clean, things which she had taken for granted because others did it for her, especially in light of how primative her new home was.

Nride, God had other plans. Is it really that hard to choose historically accurate names?

And Deeanne Begeudging creates such characters in her first novel, A Bride Most Begrudging The interplay between Drew and Constance is creative and carries you through the book. Christy Award for Romance Mar 13, TJ rated it really liked it Shelves: It wasn’t dreadfully inappropriate I enjoyed the history in the story. I heard many times how “clean” it was.

She hasn’t the foggiest notion how to cook, dares to argue with her poor husband, and spends more time working on mathematical equations than housework.

He had his better moments when I would describe him as sweet, romantic, considerate, strong, loving, and capable. Jan 17, Misty rated vride it was ok.