Armstrong, P.J. and Frederick, C.O. () A Mathematical Representation of the Multi Axial Bauschinger Effect. CEGB Report RD/B/N , Central Electricity. A Mathematical Representation of the Multiaxial Bauschinger Effect Laboratories, Research & Development Department, – Bauschinger effect – 16 pages. Get this from a library! A mathematical representation of the multiaxial Bauschinger effect. [P J Armstrong; C O Frederick; Great Britain. Central Electricity.

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A mathematical representation of the multiaxial Bauschinger effect

A mathematical representation of the multiaxial Bauschinger effect. Download PDF Cite this paper.

The above title and authorship belong to an internal Company Report that was issued in December [1] and is continually referred to, but it has never been published in the open literature. The report is reproduced in full below reprfsentation a paper, but Materials at High Temperatures has first taken the opportunity to explore the background to what is regarded by many in the field as a classic work. For reasons discussed below, the names of authors have been reversed in this published version.


Representation mathematics Structural engineering Bauschinger effect Materials science. Christ 7 Estimated H-index: Viscoplastic constitutive equations for the description of cyclic and anisotropic behaviour of metals. Chaboche 1 Mathemxtical H-index: Cited Source Add To Collection. Research and development program for non-linear structural modeling with advanced time-temperature dependent constitutive relationships. mathemahical

A mathematical representation of the multiaxial Bauschinger effect – Dimensions

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Modeling Springback in Stamped Automotive Structures. Ref 72 Source Add To Collection.

A Power Law for Kinematic Hardening. Rodrigue Desmorat 16 Estimated H-index: Constitutive equations for baushinger plasticity and cyclic viscoplasticity international journal of plasticity. An advancement in cyclic plasticity modeling for multiaxial ratcheting simulation international journal of plasticity. Kinematic hardening model suitable for ratchetting with steady-state international journal of plasticity. Are you looking for