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If specified so, made to measure racing harnesses can come with 44 mm anti-sub straps and matching brackets, except HYBRID models. Loosely worn lap belts may result in increased pelvic movement, submarining and will create extra load on the anti-sub straps. Such models may also carry a FIA label.

Installation- and Operating Instructions for Racing Harnesses

The numbers above seem to be quite high when compared with actual racing accidents. Submarining may take place during an accident and severe injuries or death may occur. Replace it immediately, cut the old belt in half, and discard the old belt so that it cannot be used again.

The lock nut must always be positioned in ggurte free section between the eye bolt and the webbing.

Schroth asm autocontrol abe download

Never allow straps to be caught by the seat rail or door when leaving the vehicle. Check for unrestricted bracket swivelling and webbing alignment in expected direction of pull.

The anti-submarining strap routing over the upper thighs and attachment to the shoulder belt latches with the buckle in between, does not provide a direct load path from the shoulder belts down to the anti-submarining strap anchor points.


Bolts must be of correct length and must not to intrude into the fuel tank or damage any other components of the car in which they are installed. Snap-on brackets schrotn not allowed. The webbing must always be positioned on the smaller section of the triangular carabiner. Each anti-submarining anchor point must withstand a minimum load of 7,2 kN 1.

Before fully tightening position the bracket to align with direction of pull. The seal also helps to prevent water intrusion. The twin bracket system is also light and flat and therefore commonly used in open wheel racecars or in cars where drivers are sitting quite low in the chassis. The following minimum measures must be met: Make sure left and right shoulder belts are not interchanged [see diagram below].

Lower grade bars may be too weak and may fail during an accident. Proper alignment of the webbing pull through the bracket reduces the bending stress [risk of fatigue cracks] to anchor points during driving and during an accident. Make sure the anchor points are symmetrically aligned to the seat.

RECARO Ergomed – Orthopäd

Bolts must fit to the thread dimension of the anchorage chosen. Can be up-graded to 5-point or 6-point racing harnesses by choice. Your safety and the safety of others who will gurtee the harness belt system are at stake! The optimum torque setting is 40 Nm lbinch. Improper belt positioning may result in reduced safety performance or even malfunction of the racing harness.

If it is less than mm disassemble and start over again. In case schdoth need brackets with a diameter not fitting the bolt size, contact your dealer or importer of this product.


This position will allow adjustment without interfering in an uncomfortable manner with your upper thighs. They are designed and tested to be used exclusively in race cars and only in on-track events.

This bracket is used in made to ugrte racing harnesses only. Do not bend bracket back and forth several times. This will optimally tighten the lap belt. They are designed and approved only for closed circuit race tracks.

If this is not achieved, check for proper strap routing and follow these instructions step by step again. Therefore SCHROTH provides bolt-in abee only with sleeved bushings for swivelling or alternatively special designed stainless steel brackets which can be aligned with the direction of pull at the time of installation.

Gurtte shoulder belts are labelled. Deviating from these instructions may result in rejection from participation in motorsport events.

This requirement can be achieved by following the instructions set forth below: Heating webbing may make the material shrink and the precisely designed elongation rate will be changed. We have created it to help the schrotth understand racing harness installation, use and maintenance, and how it relates to safety in motorsports. This may cause the adjuster to loosen the lap belt or cut the webbing, thereby significantly diminishing effective restraint and resulting in serious injury or death.