EQUIPMENT GUIDE BOOK EDITION PREFACE The 24th edition of the ACEL Equipment Guidebook has been updated to conform to the volatility of the. It’s no secret that renting large, earth moving, construction equipment is can’t utilize a piece of equipment more than 65 percent of the time, there is no. special report. ACEL. Professionalizing the equipment rental buisiness. A Inc. ACEL released its first ACEL Equipment Rental Rates Guidebook in May

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Hts X 46 Ft. For certain models of Backhoe, Hydraulic, Crawler Mounted additional rates for attachments are allowed: Transport trolley not included.

ACEL’s unified vision to professionalize the industry was becoming more and more a reality.

The subsequent boon and bust of the Philippine construction industry played a significant role in ACEL’s thrust to guidbeook on manpower development and to come up with a system that can gauge workers’ capabilities and competence.

As in our earlier edition we are using dollar rates guuidebook the computation and we have considered factors like equipment rating, testing and standardization cost. LOA x B x D meters This being the case actual rates may vary depending on worksite condition, age and availability of equipment to be used and the attachments needed. Hts X ‘Range This is part of ACEL’s commitment to the community and country.

Hts X 31’Range A procedure manual for accreditation of assessment center and competency assessors was also finalized. Moreover, terms and conditions were better defined and broadened to cover all possible nuances of the trade. Meanwhile, a comprehensive year long program of seminars has been developed and continues to be offered to date.

Hts X 39’Range III It is not intent of the guidbook to be used for the rates not related to equipment leasing. It continues to establish linkages with other relevant organizations like insurance firms, freight and shipping companies, government agencies, etc.


Angeles 1st Vice President.

Hts X 33’Reach To assist members in availing of tax incentives provided by the government; Benedicto 2nd Vice President. ACEL as an accredited organization of TESDA formulated accreditation test for equipment inspectors and test standards to comply with the minimum standards for safety to be used in the workplace. Several contractors equpiment equipment lessors gathered together to devise a plan through which the unavailability of construction equipment in construction activities in sectors such as power, irrigation, transport, commercial, housing and real estate developments could be addressed.


Guideboom X 66 Ft. Hts X 86 Ft. To better improve the services to its members various initiatives were done, namely: To promote continuous training in order to improve productivity and obtain higher manpower efficiency to meet world class standard to equipment operation, maintenance and production; 4.

The project is a purely private arrangement between Philippine and Japanese companies with both governments acting as facilitators. ACEL has come a long way since it was started in Hts X 40 Ft. To promote general health, safety and welfare of those employed in the equipment leasing industry; 5.

Another fomulais used for light and medium equipment. Another focus has been the establishment of closer ties with allied services and producers for sources of spare parts, machines and other needed supplies as used in the industry.

Rental rates for Trailers, High and Low Bed 15 tons min. From that time on, ACEL became the pulse and the voice of the industry.

D60P-8 The program provides testing and classification of operators and mechanics both in the government and private sector. To promote mutual assistanc and collaboration among its members towards the fulfillment of members, undertakings under their contracts; 3.

About Us – ACEL

Valid for Skid Steer Manufactured up. Due to the prohibitive cost of acquiring brand new equipment, or even second hand units, for that matter, the contractors bonded together to come up with a workable plan to address the shortage of equipment.


Hts X 26’Range 33, CM lbs. The association has made its position known regarding issues affecting the industry such as its opposition to the entry of foreign rental companies in the country and deliberations regarding the mandatory registration of heavy equipment.

ACEL first introduced zcel practice of equipment leasing and rental. ACEL member companies committed to provide some incentives like payments of salaries during training, corresponding salary adjustments for eligible trainees, subsidized tools and assurance of work placements for project worker’s status.

By way of providing masterful instructions, ACEL continues to come to the fore in spearheading such programs equpment enhance the industry and its key components.

To provide technical assistance and proper coordination with various government agencies and instrumentalities in order to facilitate the conduct of equipment leasing business; The upbeat scenario was a most welcome development but obstacles were inevitable.

Four 4 hours are allowed equipmeng loading and unloading of the cargo. The years that followed showed ACEL giving priority to manpower development.

It also featured estimates on fuel euipment. Hts X 26’Range 35, CM lbs. This gives a more realistic approach in the estimation of recovery investments. In an agreement forged with the NDCC, ACEL will provide free of charge through the equipment resources of its membership whatever construction heavy equipment NDCC might require during times of disasters and emergencies.

Transport Trailers not included 3. Duration of the training was a maximum of two years of technical intership on-site program. InACEL continued to conduct various trainings on forklift operation, mobile crane operation and rigging, hydrolic equipmen operation, construction safety and health courses for site officers and loss control management course.