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The relation between patriotism and nationalism is characterized by Johann Huizinga as a relation between love and hate. Nationalism, however, is not interested in ethical self-reflection.

All the causes for nations to go into conflicts stem from their reduction to res extense spread out matter. The similarity between morality and esthetical power of judgment is usually overlooked.

The successful man is a stylist. And without ideals, postwar peace is just the result of an accidental event, a tiredness of the warriors or simply a involuntarily signed peace agreement. Certainly not with the theories, philosophies, memoranda and outbursts of intellectualized nationalism.

A peacock has style and it is colorful. In the consciousness which views itself as an absolute, there is no place for the Ahjman and his absolute individuality. An necessary instrument of any ideology of collective sentiment is false language. Taken out of context, or transferred to another, it becomes unbearably arrogant. I am not a German in any way which is different from her.

There is no local, just ajhkan universal experience of evil: The Area of the Nation became a territory, and not a living space.

Politics and philosophy of death production in the Balkans – Tatjana Jovanović – Peščanik

When the desire for territory turns into a paroxysm, civic values become just a phrase, a slogan necessary because of the fact that today, there is no alimony for those who deliberately sever their ties to the international community. In war, hate language becomes principle ammunition of nationalism. If God is one and only through his omnipotence which makes all other gods redundant, says Arendt, the omnipotent man becomes the only one, through the redundancy of all other men.


The return to the paidea [15] in which ethics and politics would reunite would change the fashion of philosophy, politics, culture, art which have been left without ethics. When nationalism fulfills this sufficient condition for error, then love leads it to theories and territories of hate.

Philosophy was officially promoted by those who had condemned it in advance, by condemning the freedom of thought, especially pacifist thought. Even though the United Nations are, above all, an idea a universal civil order still exists only on a virtual mapas an organization today they are a real logo therapy for confronting facts of real-politics.

In regard to the dramatic question of the conscience, the majority is still silent. At that time, the Right in the European Parliament did not have enough power to make its merusalimu, but in the beginning ofwith support of Romanian and Bulgarian neofascists, the new members of the European Union, the parliamentary club of the extreme right was constituted.

Адолф Ајхман — Википедија, слободна енциклопедија

The nation framed itself into a historically false and carnaged Area. Authorities, however, are very ambiguous with regard miracles: But while the media space of the FY was brimming with kitsch and indifference, Auschwitz was repeated Balkan style as tolerating crime become almost totally acceptable.

A dictatorship of nationalism of the FY has lead to anatomical geographical fragmentation whose consequences will have greater sway over the souls, attitudes, sorrows and biographies of citizens of each of the newly created states carved out from the one that has disappeared, than any government ever could. This happened in the area of FY.

Asceticism even involuntary one makes for a good predisposition to spiritual calling. Eichmann was an extreme example of a mind that believed in the myth Aryan and the leader, and of incapability of individual thought: When there is no shame, regret, responsibility, and justice, there are no ideals.


The period of culmination of nationalism in a society is the period of the greatest falsity of the mother tongue. My wife and I were in agreement, even when she rejected this claim. But the more evident and resolute is the nationalism in a society, the more misused is its patriotism.

The autopsy of reality of the s shows that triviality of death in this area is a direct consequence of popularization of this very thesis. In its highest ideological registers of seduction this is the rhetoric which argues under the false name of patriotism.

Адолф Ајхман

Political and Philosophical Manufacture of Death Certain academic circles were the first to herald the last Balkan wars and the manufacture of death.

After the most horrific statistics of deaths and crimes, ethical reactions of most of the perpetrators rarely follow. Play is not an art, but it is a kind of preparation for a kind of esthetic actions, the kind which is realized in society, if certain conditions are met. Only when the homeland is in danger, giving becomes sacrifice, servitude — endurance, and loyalty — love.

Holding office, in that sort of government, Minister Buha abandoned Buha the philosopher and Buha the man. It seems morally self-evident that an ethicist, under no national conditions, can call for terrorism. No communication with him was possible, not because he lied, but because he had been totally protected from words, even from the presence of others, and thus, from reality.