The s20 manual is kinda hard to find, so here it is for anybody who needs it http: //?d=LW5K8HSK:D. The Akai S20 is essentially a repackaged hybrid of the original mono, Akai S01 of samples or for entering the BPM of a sample loop manually in BEAT mode. 9 user reviews on Akai S S20, Sampler from Akai. . on-can-easier when you have some skills in editing and sampling, the French manual is well detailed.

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Not satisfied with those reviews? Set the samples which will not affect the entire sound when stopped to “0” manuual set more essential as drum loops to HIGH.

All user reviews for the Akai S20

Generally, however, it behaves itself on the smell score. There is nothing I dislike perhaps the sequencer where I got it there when I tried it By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Wed Mar 17, It could be something weird like 10 or 12 though, but I doubt it given the year it was made and how inexpensive it was.

It is to sample the audio input while samples play back. Wed Apr 07, 9: Important samples such as drum loops can be given higher priority over others so there aren’t any embarrassing gaps if you exceed the 8 note polyphony. Funnily enough Akai don’t seem to be as interested in emphasising this aspect of it as much as promoting it as a DJ tool, which they insisted on telling me it was at least five times, in a recent phone call.

This is a great bit of kit and has been very carefully looked after.

If you’re poor like me, can live with it’s limits, and don’t expect it to do much that a sp is better at, then sure. Thu May 30, 2: Search for a user manual. The standard 1 MB can sample between 7 to 56 seconds. Didn’t come with any manual or floppies. It took me another half an hour to get it back so I could carry on with this review, kids, huh!


User manual AKAI S20 – Download your AKAI S20 user guide or user manual

Co-inventor of the The Gristleizer. The four track recorder thing is almost impossible to use, and there’s nothing in the way of filters or FX, but otherwise it’s still a useful tool. When the sample data is finished loading, LEDs for each bank containing samples will light up. Pressing any lit bank key plays the assigned sample. In the meantime have fun. Look for a Casio RZ Download the complete user guide Ko.

No panning of mono samples. It’s worthwhile trying to get a loop right while sampling, even if it means attempting a loop two or three times. Discuss the various methods you use in music production, from compressor settings to equipment type.

Otherwise, directly into my MPC 60 for the grain. You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum You cannot post attachments in this forum.

Ralph which are you talking, the s20? Comes with aftermarket power supply, soft case and two floppy disks each containing a few samples to get you started.

Akai MPC Forums – akai s20 : Production Techniques

Small, well built and rugged. This is a beat I did in Reason, while the drums were programmed on the RZ Bywizardsmoke Tue Jul 08, 4: After a lot of annoying and unnecessary loop adjustments and sample editingit occurred to me that if the S20 insisted on telling me that a loop was Thanks, I’m looking to get something like that instead of an mpc 60 or sp However after voicing my opinions to Akai they told me that the S20 is mainly intended for the DJ market, hence the inclusion of the BEAT LOOP function and the sample pads and akqi see it more as a mqnual looping tool, where saving and loading won’t be akqi issue.


When the bank tries to generate more than eight simultaneous voices, the sounds set to 0; bank 4, bank 9, bank 15, and bank 16 will stop.

A machine with a biblical simplicity! Fast, fun and easy to use. I did not use against by MIDI. I feel like it’s underrated tbh- I’m not expecting it to be a juno or anything, but it x20 sounds unique.

Thanks for the info guys, I akaj be going to E-bay or craigslist and see which one of these I can get my hands on for cheap hopefully! Polyphony – 8 voices. The manual I’m going to print up at work tonight, and floppies I managed to locate at a computer recycling place for.

In Play mode you can play 16 banked samples using bank keys or other controls on the main panel. It’s a z20 the manual doesn’t explain the BEAT LOOP function as well as it could less than one pageconsidering it is such a big selling point, because although it isn’t foolproof, it is possible to get some impressive results if you are aware of it’s quirks.

Somewhat surprisingly there’s been a recent return to basic, hands-on hardware samplers like this, manula from Akai. Previous topic Next topic. It was expanded to have 32mb of memory and has 8 jack outs. They also smoked, and after many years in my studio the smell has almost gone, although every so often, if you lift it up and sniff the right bit, you can still smell a little bit of fust.