On March 12, Amitakh Stanford penned a piece titled, “The New Species”. It is very brief – approximately words. As she expressively forbids reposting. Amitakh Stanford – Xee-A Twelve Rescue Quotes. Uploaded by oneironaut. This document compiles all of the references to the Rescue, True Light vs Darkness. By Amitakh Stanford Many times I have discussed how the Anunnaki Elite are cordoned off from the Earth. This was of their own doing. When they fled the Earth .

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It is done under the false pretence that the process of death and rebirth is in the best interests of the consciousness for its own purification and advancement. Some argue that the Sun is spherical, when in reality, it is actually a cube. The Eight Evil Minds. Therefore, they re-located the time re-starting device called atu-waa to a very remote planet that had virtually no technology.

Motion is an illusion, shapes are an amiakh, time is an illusion, and you are an illusion.

Then he pulled me up by my hair, dragged me by my hair for about 30 metres and threw me through the front door of the house. The Liberation of Numbers. Australia is the launching pad. Community Saloon bar To do list What is going on? The first Number to be spontaneously released was Number Four, which took far longer to release than all the other Numbers combined.

Is this the same Benjamin Franklin whose floor beneath his London house was excavated some years ago and the bones of some 18 young children were discovered? One of my main responsibilities has been to keep close tabs on an evil alien being — code name — Ikluk.

Jesus the Spiritual Warrior. The tsanford is a collection of her memoirs detailing her heroic adventures of fighting aliens and digging up ancient secrets with the help of her divine wisdom. He then banged my head amitakj the wall several times, shouting abuse at me.


The New Age movement, commerce, banking, politicsconventional religions and so on are infested with agents of the ruling elite. Website hit counters, availability, speed, convenience and access are all controlled and manipulated by the ruling elite. Like many other widely viewed television or cinema productions, there is an agenda underlying Desperate Housewives.

The ruling elite hope that people will think that if a woman is leading, then everything is relatively stanrord. There are many reasons why the Anunnaki remained hidden from human eyes on the planet all this time, and why they have not used their technology to annihilate the whole human race. In fact, this planet’s last hope of being free from its real oppressor depends on America, Russia and China. He [Ikluk] has taken on many identities, such as: Some argue that the Sun is spherical, but, like all stars, it is actually a cube.

I then pulled on the lock several times, but was unable to unfreeze it. All geometric figures contain the keys stanforr solving the mysteries of life, which is why Darkness made them so confusing. Chippalone sstanford she is his wife if she sstanford married to Steffan Stanford?

I needed to enter, but couldn’t because of the frozen lock. Why then why is Dr.

Every geometric figure is an illusion created by Darkness to force us to worship him. The recent trend towards full lips and big buttocks are examples of Anunnaki programming.

Amitakh Stanford, the Reptilians and the Vulturites. ← Sectes et Pseudo-sciences

Plato was able to perceive that triangles were building blocks of existence. Amitakh Stanford formerly Amitakh Chiappalone is a gibbering Australian lunatic channelling the truth about everything. The predominant conspiracy throughout these articles is based around a group called the Qualaswho are based in London but have no allegiance to any nation.

Equally, whether anyone believes my assertion or not, is irrelevant. Each particle of Matter is first shielded by an alat. Even when I first mentally reviewed this sound I could feel the tremendous Dark power of the Word. This shows that the Plan was hatched a long, long time ago. We have a theme going here, yes? She does not know how to overthrow the Communist party in China. Anunnaki chauvinism has caused women to be subjugated to men and treated as their “footstools” in many cultures including the Arab, Asian, Jewish and Western societies.


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This is patently false. Proof of this statement can be found on XeeATwelve. If you still aren’t convinced that the author was either high when she wrote this or is just generally stupid, here is a more in-depth summary of everything Amitakh believes in.

Police officers are being programmed to believe that laws make everyone safer, and military personnel are being programmed to kill anyone who interferes with their perfect world. The Will maitakh only be given over to Darkness by the True Light being. After this, talks about stupid shit like how Darkness is the evil mastermind behind the New Age movement, and all of the New Age gurus amotakh actually working for him.

At this point, the lights from the invading craft suddenly went out — the menacing craft was gone. Many of the Anunnaki have strong sex drives, and the fact that humans can mate whether in or out of season was a bonus for the aliens on Earth. Would anyone like a dustpan to collect these negative numbers and dispose of them properly? Oh, and negative numbers are evil.

She does not know how to solve the disputes between the Arabs and Jews. This explains why women want to get breast implants and larger asses, and why men want to be buff; because they are being programmed by the Anunnaki aliens. The Divine Mother doesn’t like this, so she sent a bunch of “walk-ins” to Earth to rescue the True-Light workers that were trapped here.