CORYDON. by Andre Gide With a comment on the second dialogue in. CORYDON by FRANK BEACH, Department of Psychology, Yale University. NEW YORK. The famous dialogues, in which Gide defends homosexuality to the point of making it a civic virtue, now appearing in English for the first time. My friends insist that this little book is of the kind which will do me the greatest harm, Gide wrote of his Corydon. In these pages, contemporary readers will find a.

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Some of the dialogues are more interesting and effective than corydo the first is the best, and I can see why his friends encouraged him to stop while he was “ahead”and the overall piece is certainly outdated; still, and unfortunately, much of the argument made here remains relevant.


As a young man, he was an ardent member of the symbolist group, but the style of his later work is more in the tradition of classicism. The dialogues are cast in the Socratic form, and despite a somewhat slipshod translation, the writer’s wit, obliquity, and lack of codydon come through.

Media reporter, reviewer, producer, guest booker, blogger. This was a formative text for early 20th century discussions of homosexuality, but it definitely doesn’t gidr because Gide doesn’t really t The first dialogue was interesting because the arguments were so like modern arguments about homosexuality. In Corydonhe invokes ancient Greece as a cultural model and evidentiary support for public acceptance of homosexuality.


A literary oddity for a predictable minority, for doctors, biologists, psychologists; forbidden fruit for the prurient, and adolescent. Published July 18th by University of Illinois Press first published It doesn’t have the same meaning as our word “pedophile”, which denotes an attraction to very young children who have not entered puberty.


Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Email required Address never made public. Unsure how to rate this; in terms of literary intrigue, there isn’t much– but then ande, that’s not what the book was designed for. He resigned when the journal passed into the hands of the collaborationists.

Dec 16, Carmel Ramos rated it did not like it. The first dialogue was interesting because the arguments were so like modern arguments about homosexuality.

This entry was posted in Uncategorized. Anastasia Ilford rated it really liked it Sep 10, Straight Women – Gay Men: Nov 07, Mason rated it really liked it.

CORYDON by Andre Gide | Kirkus Reviews

Kristen rated it liked it Oct 31, croydon What I find fascinating is that this piece, written ca. Notify me of new comments via email. In spirited dialogue with his bigoted, boorish interviewer, Corydon marshals evidence from naturalists, historians, poets, and philosophers to support his contention that homosexuality pervaded the most culturally and artistically advanced civilizations, from Greece in the age of Pericles to Renaissance Italy and England in the age of Shakespeare.

Two old friends argue about homosexuality, Corydon in defense. Although obscured by later critics, literature and art from Homer to Titian proclaim the true nature of relationships between such lovers as Achilles and Patrocles—not to mention Virgil’s mythical Corydon and his shepherd, Alexis, constructed union, while the more fundamental, natural relation is the homosexual one.


A “period piece” from a period that’s zndr in modernism. The present edition features the impeccable translation of the Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Richard Howard.

The unnamed narrator visits with and discusses the nature of human sexuality with ckrydon old friend, one Corydon the name is chosen for obvious reasons. The third and fourth I felt included some of that depressing brand of gay male misogyny, which again one sometimes hears today. Preface to the Second Edition.

Corydon (book) – Wikipedia

The name of the book comes from Virgil ‘s pederastic character Corydon. No less an expert on sexuality than Frank Beachin an essay on amdr Second Dialogue of Corydon, offers the same conclusion. It doesn’t have the same meaning as our word “pedophile”, which denote A quick read, a clrydon dated of course, but interesting for the historical perspective, as well as how much of it–particularly the first dialogue–still pertains today.

Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone. The literary taboo is off; the contents of this book can no longer astound the general reading public.

He is also a translator and published more than translations from the French.