Anna Godbersen is the bestselling author of The Luxe novels. She was born in California, the daughter of a cab driver and a painter. She writes for various New . I’m a sucker for great relationships between female characters. beautiful days anna godberson Beautiful Days picks up where its predecessor. I read Bright Young Things, the first in the series with the same name, early last year and pretty much loved it. Anna Godbersen has been a.

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At the end of Bright Young ThingsI was very curious to see what would come next.

Rebecca-Books: Beautiful Days – Anna Godbersen (#2)

She quivers at the drop of a hat. Return to Book Page. Jan 27, Chelsea K. I don’t even want to talk about her that much. But I was missing the heart-stopping drama and turmoil which normally leaves me reeling every time I put down a Godbersen book. However, whenever I read Anna Godbersen’s books, I am literally taken to the era and it is like the reader is this invisible friend of Letty, Cordelia and Astrid’s walking along side them experiencing what they are.

Now only did I understand and enjoy reading of the time period I know about, but I got to experience with the characters – therefore, I know why everyone goes to Gatsby’s parties in a sense!

And besides, what these books are really all about, surely, is clothes! There was a bit of a scare for one of our characters, but I never really felt like she was in any real danger — and I don’t thing Godbersen intended the reader to feel that way.

We finally got some intrigue near the very end, but I think the same “twist” was handled better with a relationship in the book Vixen. The twist about Max’s family at the end was really welcome, and i hope that its pursued more in the next book.

Cordelia comes into her own in this book taking her place in the Grey family and helping to run the newest club in town whilst being the centre of attention in the gossip columns. Whereas Bright Young Things was simply unimpressive, Beautifup Days was borderlin I almost feel guilty putting this book on the ‘historical fiction’ shelf.


Is this the most intelligent series out there? And I can’t wait for the sequel. Aug 18, Shelby Boyer rated it really liked it. But the best part of Godbersen’s books are the characters, for sure! Jan 29, Amanda rated it really liked it.

I didn’t really feel much tension or excitement or suspense in Beautiful Days. She has an interest in Max Derby, the pilot, but he despises drinking and dancing and most of what the popular set gets up to for fun, his father having come back from the Great War a violent drunk.

Cordelia is going to start up a nightclub. And then Godbersen had this frustrating thing where she would skip days or weeks into the future with no warning and not let the reader know until halfway through the next chapter.

I had enjoyed Bright Young Things quite a bit and had been fond of all three main characters.

In this second installment the story centers aroung the girls, Letty, Cordelia and Astrid but also features more of Charlie. I do not like this quality about her.

Beautiful Days

As per usual for Godbersen novels, there’s lots of pretty boys with lots of pretty money and plenty of relationship issues. Sorry for the inconvenience. I love how she can weave so many different storylines into one incredible plot that will have your heart racing at the end of each chapter. For the sight of her long legs had always made Letty seem short, as her rich dress made Letty feel poor, and the length of her neck and the way she carried her head perched on top of it could reduce Letty to nothing.

As with “Bright Young Things”, I liked the setting. Besides that, their relationship is borderline abusive, my goodness. I was lost in this book for a giddy few hours. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Write anything, be it your comment on my post, if you agree or disagree or if you want to ask something – I check them most days.

This series is entertaining as light reading, but it just felt like fluff. Unfortunately, it took forever to see any. But mostly, the coincidental happenings occurred too often, I lied. But man, are they pretty. It’s interesting, after what seemed to be a never ending set of trials and tribulations, these girls managed to grow up right before my eyes, which I loved.


This is particularly echoed by Letty who has spent an idle and empty summer with Cordelia. I miss the scandal, the sneaking around, and the nightlife!

There are a small cast of new characters as well as recurring minor ones – all of which were delightful additions to read about alongside the three main girls. She wants to finally achieve her dream of being on Broadway – whatever the cost. Otherwise, it’s watered-down Gossip Girl with era envy.

This may be a classic case of “second book syndrome” however you define that Maybe I’ve been spoiled with one too many seasons of Boardwalk Empire. I must admit that I was also disappointed that a book set inin Fays If someone tells you that you should stay home and not go out because you are in danger — there are people that want to harm you — would you turn around and get ready for a night on the town? I found Letty a lot more interesting in this book, though Cordelia seemed to take a bit of a back seat to the story.

Gracy had any girl but Peachy at his side. I understand this piques curiosity, but I’m not sure this issue will ever be resolved. Meanwhile Cordelia, who is still reeling from the death of her father, finds herself the head of a speakeasy, complete with bootleggers and other gangsters -including the dangerous, yet attractive Charlie Grey.

I love how she does go over the appearances of each scene and notable character, so that you’re actually able to visualise every beautiul precisely how Godbersen has imagined it.