A brief synoptic parallel — Taking the side of the ‘modern’ in philosophy — Old and new relations between science and philosophy — Matrices and principles. Anti-Badiou relates the parallel stories of Badiou’s Maoist ‘ontology of the void’ and Laruelle’s own performative practice of ‘non-philosophy’. : Anti-Badiou: The Introduction of Maoism into Philosophy ( ) by Francois Laruelle and a great selection of similar New, Used and.

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Up until Badiou, philosophy was educative and pedagogical; with him, it is re-educated by mathematics. There will be purges as well, a new purification of philosophy, Laruelle tells us. Laruelle asks the question: Or should we rather aim for a scientific-type knowledge of philosophy, a knowledge that would no doubt be contingent, but which, this time, would truly escape such doxa? No, it is an essential possibility of philosophy, one that philosophy makes available alongside others; a possibility first actualized by Plato, but one that is profoundly inscribed in the very axioms of philosophical decision, albeit more or less inert or apparently inactive at any given time.

We require further details as to the new version of non-philosophy, and as to the analytic means that will allow us to detect in Badiou the indestructible residue of philosophy, and its conservation-reeducation by Cantor and Mao under the sign of Plato. But this is no ordinary gnosis, this is the inversion of Gnosticism without god, and venture into the democracy of thought, that is at once an attack upon the academic aristocracy, and a realignment with the scientific movement of thinking and knowing at the conjuncture of the real.

The Real of immanence, by virtue of the particle that it configures, is the non-dialectical solution to contradiction and to antinomies. It impossibilizes logic and theory without destroying them, instead simplifying them into their materiality, reducing them to the state of fiction— but a logic-fiction or philo-fiction.

Allow me to explain.

Anti-Badiou: The Introduction of Maoism into Philosophy: Francois Laruelle: Bloomsbury Academic

To mix Philosophg and Derrida in this way — what a monstrous thought! Yet, in contrast to this, we have the feminine not-All which reads: In any event, we already have good precedent in the field of mathematics. He also packs a few powerful punches:.


It tends to be supplanted by methodology, shading into dogma. And it continues… this is only on page !!


Does this in any way sound like Badiou? Michel Serres is perhaps exemplary in this case: Non-philosophy is then another variant of antiphilosophy, that which speculates on non-thought as anti-badipu By purifying philosophy, bringing it back as a powerful thinking tool to think through questions in science, arts, politics and love, Badiou should be considered a liberator from such antiphilosopher as Laruelle.

Who, it seems, is more keen to displace the concern on topical issues to the tilting at the machine. Thus philosophy as written and as suture of thought should be distinctly separated. As counting should be differentiated from numbers. These functors, as used by Laruelle and many others, introduvtion useful in orienting toward a new aperture, not as a tool to be folded back into the system.

Thus the emphasis is not on Introductino, Two or Three, but the fact that one is compossible from zero, 0as two 0 0 and so on.

Immanent in philosophy is not the historicism of philosophy, but its functors capable of new sutures of thought. A decision in this sense is not a psychological event, but rather the operation which establishes a philosophy introdduction remaining constitutively external to it. A division between the One and Many, Being and beings, the virtual and the actual, etc.

Since a decision is external, any particular philosophy is incapable of thinking its own decision; rather the decision is its blindspot.

Yet it is on the basis of this decision that philosophy can claim self-sufficiency and ultimately its ability to philosophize everything.


From this understanding of philosophy, we can say that what nonphilosophy does is suspend the decisional authority of philosophy. From this basis, nonphilosophy can discern the transcendental conditions of a particular philosophy.

With the horizon of a particular thought suspended, nonphilosophy can experiment with philosophies and try to open thought up beyond its current constraints. The most frequent cause of such a blockage is that instead of constructing a space of compossibility through which the thinking of time is practiced, philosophy delegates its function to one or other of its conditions, handing over the whole of thought to one generic position. Philosophy is then carried out in the element of its own suppression to the great benefit of that procedure.


I shall call this type of situation a suture.

Short note on Laruelle’s Anti-Badiou | Break The Code

Philosophy is placed in suspension every time it presents itself as being sutured to one of its conditions. For Badiou philosophy produces no truths of its own. Truths are always produced within one of the four truth-procedures. In this regard, philosophy cannot be the domain of truth over and against other practices. It must always draw its truths out of these truth procedures: It is certainly not binary by most present thinkers.

But the paradigm, that which moves around intgoduction other not in opposition. The Parmenides problematic solved.

No separator established as such. Decision for Badiou is after the event, when a path opens up by chance. Badiou, because of his Communist affiliations, and because of my own affiliation to Zizekian ways of thinking and provocation fit my temperament. One should also be informed in quantum mechanics era the if system is soon to be anti-baeiou. At face value, the two have much in common: Originally published as Anti-Badiou: You are commenting using your WordPress.

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