An ARRL Numbered Radiogram is a brevity code used in composing ARRL Radiograms during times of radio congestion. The code is used to transmit standard. ARRL Message Forms. Click on any section of this Message Form for information on how to use it. ARRL Radiogram. GENERAL. Follows a description of the. ARRL RADIOGRAM. A How To. EmComm East By John KB2SCS kb2scs @ With excerpts from the. W3YVQ.v/02 PSCM APP.-B NTS.

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Here are a few notes on this part of the radiogram: Groups of figures, letters, combinations of figures and letters, and “X” are counted as words. Just remember that there was a time when not everyone had a telephone, and even those who did were loath to make a long-distance call.

Your message would go like this, just read it exactly like this and fill in the blanks with your info.

ARRL Numbered Radiogram

Note that the amateur does not originate messages for a person without permission from that person! We are glad to have you with us and hope you will enjoy the fun and fellowship of the organization.


Am moving to new location.

If not needed, it is best not to use. The name of the person s writing the text. Use 24 hour format followed by an indicator of the time zone, e. He’s been a ham since Remember when reading the message that someone is writing it on the other end, so read at writing speed. The signature The fundamentals aren’t all that complicated. The year is NOT arrll.

ARRL Message Forms

If toll or other expense involved, cancel message and service originating station. They are permanent parts of the message created by the station of origin and must remain with the message all the way to the delivery point. It is acceptable to specify local time as “L”, as in L.

Words like “love” and “regards”, often associated with signatures in formal letters, are put in the text in amateur messages not in the signature. HX A Followed by a number Collect land line delivery authorized by the by addressee within In a nutshell — and I realize that this is a gross oversimplification — formal traffic is a telegram-like message sent over the air.

The more information here, the easier the delivery will be. Need accurate information radiogfam the extent and type of conditions now existing at your location. Each Radio Amateur is the judge of what is commercial and what is not. This is the message you are sending for the signature person to the addressee.


The rzdiogram “R” is used in place of a decimal in mixed figure groups, as in R5 Notice that a couple of the boxes are blank. NR 1 R for Routine.

Radiogram How To

Hope mother and child are well. Any future reference to this message would be: If no number, authorization is unlimited.

I got a raduogram a couple of years ago when I was a new ham and now that I found your post I think I can finally return a proper reply. Normal punctuation characters are not used in the text. And second, I had to figure out just what formal traffic was. There are several reasons, but the one most relevant to the ARECC was that during an radogram you want crystal-clear communications. Messages without same may be refused.