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AS Cranes, hoists and winches – Safe use – General requirements ( FOREIGN STANDARD). Available for Subscriptions. Content Provider. AS Cranes, hoists and winches – Safe use – General requirements. standard by Standards Australia, 01/01/ View all product details. Visit our website and learn more about AS standards.

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Certification for continued safe use will therefore be subject to the crane conforming to the current Australian Standards.

In later life, the frequency may reduce to 12 or 6 months. The indicating and motion limiting devices.

New crane guidelines: Time to lift your game

Travel slow down limits if fitted- these are important as the buffers sized is predicated on the speed of collision. Monorails shall be marked in a permanent manner with the following information: Review requirements of current design standard and determine whether modifications are appropriate to meet current standard.

Re-purposed cranes, ie cranes that were originally design for a certain dutybut have had the duty changed significantly, eg ordinary mill cranes has been re-purposed as a foundry crane handling hot metal. The ass objective of the Major Inspection is to assess the viability of upgrading the crane to the requirements of the Australian Standards.

Standards Association of Australia Crane zs systems by Standards Association of Australia. This will determine scope of repairs or upgrades to existing equipment necessary to keep crane operational. Cranes, hoists and winches – safe use – Part 5: However especially with larger capacity cranes an annual load test can introduce significant additional costs, where alternative risk mitigation methods may be more appropriate.


Mounting bolts secure Hoist emergency brake, if fitted- condition pads or shoe, adjustment and operation to ensure brake engages promptly.

Major inspections are required under the following circumstances. What upgrades 22550.1 updates should I 5250.1 in a major inspection?

Library Safework OPAC – Results

What should a service include? A comprehensive range of new designed and manufactured products as well as reconditioned products are available to bring your old crane s up to modern standards of safety, reliability and operational performance. Travel limits when the crane is remote controlled.

Competency is listed in AS But also never before have crane owners and CRP crane responsible people been able to take advantage of the new array of technologies that enable them to look inside their cranes in real time.

The standards aim to reduce the risk of accidents to people involved in lifting operations and those in 2505.1 vicinity, as well as damage to property.

FAQ Crane Maintenance

Design and construction of workboxes by Standards Association of Australia. Standards New Zealand 1. How often should I inspect my monorail? The standard goes on to give an example of what a typical inspection and testing certificate may look like.

Relevance Title Author Year. Again the Australian Crane Standards do not require load testing for an annual inspection. You need to ensure that the requirements of your environment are being taken into account, and that the operating conditions of your Crane has not changed in recent times.

Summary Load testing is a critical tool in ensuring crane safety.

Test travel and traverse motions at full speed to ensure load is controlled. Assessment for changed operation Necessary az the fundamental usage of the crane is to be or has changed. It is our opinion that a load test is an important test in validating these functions and mitigating the risk of their failure.


Mechanical Hoist rope condition Hoist brakes- condition of pads or shoes, adjustment; ensure adjusted to correct torque setting to suit duty of hoist. Emergency functions- ensure operable. 2550.1

Standards Catalogue

Connection to supporting structure. A continuous working record e. Home New crane guidelines: Mobile elevating work platforms by Standards Australia International. SA Regulation compliance 3. Wheels- no spalling on the wheel tread, flanges are intact not worn thin and no bending evident requires replacement once bending commences. These outline the safe use of cranes and maintenance requirements, as well as adding a new section that specifies methods to monitor design duty and introduce the concept of design working period.

This is a visual inspection and functional test that should be carried out by a competent crane operator prior to each shift during which the crane is to be used. Fire safety and your facility The most recent Aas Standard outlining 2505.1 safe use of cranes includes extensive revision of the inspection and maintenance requirements and the addition of a new section that specifies methods to monitor design duty and introduce the concept of design working period.

Controls and emergency stop e.

Depending on the variables of duty classification vs. Cranes, hoists and winches – safe use – Part SA approved codes of practice Crane runways and monorails by Standards Association of Australia.