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User’s Manual AutoMapa 6. User’s Manual version 6. The process autompa AutoMapa installation and registration is subject to the type of carrier on which the program was supplied. The program can be installed from the DVD supplied with AutoMapa or installer files downloaded from www.

The version published on the DVD may be older than the one available on the website, therefore we recommend that users download and the install the newest version of instrkcja program from website at www.

When an SD card or its mini or micro version is inserted in the portable device, the program and the maps are installed automatically. When the installation is instrukcjaa, program starts and the start screen is displayed. For devices with the CE. NET system, an additional application integrating the system with software has to be installed. These applications can be downloaded from our website or obtained from the hardware supplier.

If you want to update the software on the card which was included with the purchased PDA, put the card in the PC card reader. Do not connect the PDA. On the computer, launch the installer downloaded from the Internet or from the DVD. The same actions are necessary when installing on a clean memory card. If the installer comprises several archive files, they have to be first unzipped into a selected directory on your PC. Then find the program setup. If this is not the case, find the Setup.

Your PC should be connected to the Internet instrykcja least during the registration process. Run the aytomapa downloaded from http: The installer will start automatically. If the device cannot establish connection using ActiveSync, it is possible to install and register on a clean memory zutomapa. For this option, use the card reader in the PC.

We recommend that the entire program is installed on an SD card in the following configuration: Make sure that the card is compatible with the reader. This choice will also determine other language components and messages, which will be suggested by the installer by default. In the next window, choose installation and continue the process. Read the license agreement displayed on the screen and accept the terms of the agreement.

Choose the type of device where the Software program will be installed. The Memory card reader option will update the version of Software installed on the card placed in the reader. The Portable device Windows Mobile, Windows CE option should be selected if the system is to be installed directly on the device synchronised with your PC. Under the license, the program may be installed on one computer only. After the maps have been registered on a PC, you will be unable to activate them again on a portable device – and vice versa.

When a portable device has been selected depending on the system versionyou may receive a warning message prompting the user to check the connection with the portable device.

If the program is installed on a portable device, this step involves the selection of portable device memory where the program and the maps will be installed. By default, all components will be installed on the memory card. If the memory card is inserted into the card reader of a PC, it will be suggested as the location for program installation during the installation process, the user will be asked to move the card to the portable device. In case of the portable computer setup, we recommend installation on a memory card.


By placing the memory card in a card reader connected directly to a PC, you can speed up the installation process several-fold. PenDrive devices and USB memory keys may be recognized as memory cards, so make sure that the right device is selected.

Before installing Software, it is recommended that the memory card be formatted, after first backing up any important files it holds in a secure location.

By formatting the card before the installation, you may significantly speed up the operation of the program. In case of devices which are not connected to a PC via ActiveSync e. Nokiathe memory card should NOT be formatted because it would erase the files necessary for the update and the reinstallation would require contact with the device manufacturer’s service.

Additional program languages, skins and colours of program windows, message voices, additional icons and POI Points of Interest warning sounds can also be selected at this stage. The wake-up control plugin supports the process of waking up the device from stand-by mode when Software is active. It should be installed every time. SD AutoStart installs in the memory card a special directory, which recovers the Software system after the loss of data from the device e.

Nokia Autostart installs the application required to start Software on Nokia devices. The indicated map size means total size. At subsequent stages, you will have the option of installing selected fragments of insttrukcja map, which will substantially reduce the memory requirement. If possible, you are advised to always use the same e-mail address, which will facilitate access to registration data in the Software licensing system.

Registration data is saved on the carrier with the map after the first installation. If the map is re-installed e. Make sure that it is stored in a safe place. This means that the program installed on the card will also work on other devices with the autojapa operating system, unless you reinstall only the software for the second device. At a subsequent stage of the installation process, you may be asked to pay attention to the portable device to accept the displayed messages.

With the automaap editor you can select a given map section and perform one of the actions below: If the map has already been installed, this option enables the user to install the same fragment of the map, e. This option installs the entire available map.

This intrukcja enables the user to read in a previously saved mask definition of a map fragment and use the area editor to modify the saved area.

This function activates the area editor, which enables the user to select the map fragment for installation with the use of a mouse. The defined section can be saved as a mask for future use. Map sections are selected as rectangular areas on the map. The user may be asked to automap attention to the portable device to accept the displayed messages. If the program is installed on a memory card in inetrukcja PC reader, the user .68 be asked to move the card to the reader in the portable device.

The final screen displays a list of installed program components and maps. This application can be downloaded from the Microsoft website. After installing ActiveSync, connect the portable device to the PC with a USB cable and make sure that the connection has been established by monitoring the ActiveSync application window.


Volvo S80 Instrukcja Obslugi Pdf Instrukcja Obsługi żony Chomikuj

In case of devices which are not connected to a PC via ActiveSync, install Software on a clean memory card using the card reader in the PC. The installer automatically detects whether previous program versions have been installed.

On the screens with components and maps selection, the installer will display the versions of the installed files and – if they are older than the files that are being installed – will offer to update them.

You will be asked to select the components and maps to be removed. The installation directory always contains two EXE files: The program shortcut is also installed in the Start Programs xutomapa.

AutoMapa FINAL EU iso

To recover the above components, run the installation program and reinstall those components. You do not need to reinstall the program or the autoapa. Locating the program and the maps The system prefers full program and map installation on a memory card. Alternatively, the program can be installed in device memory, and maps – on the memory card.

If the map fragment selected for installation is sufficiently small, and the portable device memory is sufficiently large, the map can also be installed directly in device memory. The following guidelines should be observed: If the program is installed in device memory, the user will lose all system settings, including favourite points, POI, etc.

Nevertheless, device memory is a much faster memory carrier than memory cards.

ہمارے بلاگرز

The memory is not formatted after battery discharge, but it is formatted after a hard reset. In some devices, built-in memory may have lower read-out parameters than fast SD cards. NET operating system, device memory may be formatted after the device is disconnected from the supply source. For this reason, the installer prevents AutoMapa from being installed in the main memory of such a device. BMP bitmaps 16×16 pixels with 8-bit colour palette used as icons for the given POI category on the map and in selection lists o.

The user can also change the default look of the GPS cursor by creating a subfolder named Images similar to Icons and Voices folders in the program folder and copying there the respective prepared bitmaps with the following names: The bitmap size is not limited, and the file is displayed in the original size, without any scaling.

White pixels RGB – , are not displayed and remain transparent.

The bitmap location on the map can be adjusted vertically by the following entry: Default shift value no entry is 24 autojapa. Its start-up method depends on the type of the navigation device. If the map has not been registered, the program will display the relevant request upon start. After the first start-up, the display will show a language selection screen for the program interface the insttrukcja is displayed only if more languages have been installed.

Then, after the first start-up, a window will be displayed asking the user to choose a profile. Profiles automappa settings and they enable the user to quickly switch between groups of settings e.

After reading its contents, tap the OK button located at the bottom left corner of the screen to continue. Configuring AutoMapa Traffic The AutoMapa Traffic system enables users to avoid traffic jams by processing real data on the anticipated driving speeds on the roads.