This is a first draft of a story I translated from a Bengali story by the name of Birinchi Baba by Parashuram — Raj Sekhar Basu. This is the. the laying on of hands, at which Birinchi Baba is an adept, Ray devised, as a supposed symbol of Time Future and Time Past, the revolving of hands: the index .

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Our Professor Noni’s father-in-law?

You’d fly off if anyone so much as blew on you. Anamika marked it as to-read Jun 01, Deb Banik rated it really liked it Oct 14, See if you can do something without hurting or upsetting him. It’s too late now for you to go back.

Debasis added it Nov 04, It was his brother-in-law, Ganesh, who had assumed the role of the master. Nibaranda is going to join us. Anyway, tell us about this Birinchi Baba.

Mahapurush – Wikipedia

Having recently lost a great deal of money in trying to set up a business selling coal, he had turned to religion for birinfhi. If I could get hold of a bieinchi sadhu, one who’d show me the way, I’d leave everything and go with him. You do not remember, I am sure. Can you believe that? Then he took his hat off, flung it aside, and flopped down on the mattress spread on the floor.


This is Nibaran Babu, an old friend of your master’s son-in-law.

You mean Einstein is ruled out completely? Proved it in some way? Subhankar Borinchi added it Aug 02, Gurupada decides to patronize the holy man and become his disciple.

No, such a thing is not for you.

বিরিঞ্চি বাবা

Well then, Kebalram, how long have you been playing god? Tell me, Nibaran da, do you think Ganesh Mama is getting a share of the proceeds? Nitai Babu, having witnessed the whole scene, whispered to Paramartha, “This isn’t fair, is it?

Biribchi me a deer, and set me free in Shakuntala’s ashram.

A man was shouting: The humor in Parashuram’s writing and Narad’s illustrations beautifully complemented each other and their partnership increased the appeal of these classics. The first thing he did was to push the regulator of the fan to its maximum speed. Udayan Sengupta added it Oct 24, Let him practise for four or five months. Mecca-sharif was not far from Baghdad. So I went close to one that seemed larger than the others, and said, ‘come on, myna, say Radha-Krishna!

It was not easy to sit in that position, but he was prepared to put up with the discomfort. She couldn’t eat, she couldn’t sleep, she couldn’t talk, though she kept scolding her husband. What’s been happening in your house in Dum Dum? Pishima said, ‘Satya, you have become too big for your boots. Nibaran taught in a college. Kazi Maidul rated it it was amazing May 06, His followers began to leave, one by one. Satya was being chased by as many as seven tigers. I thought your office had rather good arrangements for its staff,” said Paramartha.


বিরিঞ্চি বাবা by Rajshekhar Basu

The devotees feel foolish and perhaps have learnt a lesson. Pure Mughal blood coursed through his veins. Yes, both of you. Bwba fly out from his body, each eighteen inches long. If you do not believe me, do the calculations yourself. She’d have skinned me alive. He was Mr O K Sen, bar-at-law. If it’s all right with you, Maulavi sahib, we have got ten rupees for you, five each for Pandeyji and Coachman, and another five for the groom and the bwba.