BOSCH LBB /00 Plena Voice Alarm Controller เครื่องขยายเสียง W amplifier. [ icon คลิกเพื่อดูภาพขยาย]. รหัส: LBB / ยี่ห้อ: BOSCH. รุ่น: LBB /. Communication Systems | LBB /00 Plena Voice Alarm Controller. The Plena Voice equipment and Bosch EVAC-compliant loudspeakers. The system is. Bosch LBB /00 Plena Voice Alarm Controller, Manufacturer: Bosch, Category: Voice Alarm Systems, Price: £, in stock.

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The Plena Voice Alarm Controller is the heart of the voice alarm system. It is bsoch basis of the Plena Voice Alarm System, and has all the essential functionality for compliance with the IEC standard, including full system supervision, loudspeaker line impedance supervision, a supervised emergency microphone on the front panel and a supervised message anager.

The messages can be merged to allow even more flexible use of pre-recorded announcements and evacuation messages. The controller can be used as a stand-alone system with up to six zones, or expanded to up to 60 zones using additional six-zone routers. Up to eight call stations can be connected. A built-in W amplifier provides the power for the emergency call channel and BGM. Bksch Plena Amplifiers can be added to provide two-channel operation, or for additional power if the total power requirement 1990 W maximum W per six zones.


BOSCH LBB /00 Plena Voice Alarm Controller เครื่องขยายเสียง W amplifier

All amplifiers are supervised. The audio output uses standard analog audio V line switching for full compatibility with the Plena family of public address equipment and Bosch EVAC-compliant loudspeakers.

The system is configured using DIP switches for basic functionality and a PC for more advanced functions. A total of 16 priority levels can be specified for microphone, call stations and trigger inputs for optimum system flexibility.

The powerful W output section has six transformerisolated V constant-voltage outputs for driving V loudspeakers in six separate zones.

The V-technique reduces line losses on longer distances and provides easy parallel connection of multiple loudspeakers. All zones may be individually selected from the front panel, and the BGM output level in each zone can be individually set in six steps.

The BGM output is connected to the 70 V line, so it is possible to connect a total load of W in a two-channel system combined with a W amplifier.

Configuratio software is provided on the CD included with the unit.

The CD also includes many useful programs, such as MP3-ripping software, a sample-rate converter, various audio and visual tools, and free, MP3-coded music. The amplifier output is also available as a separate output on V and 70 V.


Bosch LBB /00 PLENA Voice Alarm Controller @ Commercial Audio Solutions

A separate V call-only output provides addressing for an area where BGM is not required but where priority announcements are. Six configurable volume-override output contacts are available for overriding local volume controls during priority calls. Both four-wire and three-wire schemes are supported.

An LED meter monitors the output. Each message can have any length within the total available capacity. This gives up to 17 minutes of recording time with CD-quality signal-to-noise ratio. The llbb has 12 contact trigger inputs for business and emergency EMG calls. Each can be configured for a message consisting of a sequence of up to eight wave files.

Bosch LBB 1990/00 Plena Voice Alarm Controller

In this way some wave files may be used in various combinations with other messages, optimizing flexibility and the amount of storage space used. Multiple messages can be merged to form one integrated message. A zone selection, together with this sequence can be configured for each trigger input.

Playback Tape, CD, Tuner.