Valmiki, Vasistha and Yajnavalkya were propounders of Yoga system; the saints one and all were adepts in yoga. Yogavasistha is the greatest work of the. Project Gutenburg made electronic versions of the complete translation of Yoga Vasistha Maharamayana by V. L. Mitra available to the public. People who are interested in self-realization can also study the more comprehensive Brihat Yoga Vasistha book and the smaller one, Laghu Yoga Vasistha.

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Very speed and fine. Indian scriptures were first meant to be heard and only in later ages to be read.

He is in solitude though he works in the busiest part of a city. To one who has attained self-knowledge, this world does not appear as samsarabut as the one infinite and indivisible consciousness”.

Those who practise Atma Chintana or Brahma Abhyasa or Vedantic meditation will find a priceless treasure in this marvellous book. Today Yogavasishta is available in the beihat in the following pocket size edition e.

Thought several other manuscript are available but all of them are incomplete and fragmentary. This world does not exist at all in the three periods of time. Yoga Vasistha teachings are structured as stories and fables, [8] with a philosophical foundation similar to those found yogw Advaita Vedanta[9] is particularly associated with drsti-srsti subschool of Advaita which holds that the “whole world of things is the object of mind”.


Brahma Jnana or knowledge of the Self alone will give Moksha.

The expansion of this mind alone is Sankalpa. He was also an excellent scholar in Western spiritual poetry and literature.

The Yoga Vasishtha

May ypga all drink the nectar of Yoga Vasishtha! It sums up the spiritual process in the seven Bhoomikas: He narrated beautiful and interesting stories to illustrate the principles. Rishi Valmiki, the author briaht the Ramayana, compiled this remarkable book. The story of Sukra. Just as objects are created by the mind in dream, so also everything is created by the mind in the waking state also.

Vasistha known as the wisest of sages puts forth in the first part the great question of the vanity of the world which ygoa shown synthetically to a great length form the state of all living existences the instinct inclinations and passions of men the nature of their aims and objects with some discussions about destiny necessity activity and the state of the soul and spirit.

The book is written in the language of Valmiki. The story of Karkati Raksasi. Some criticize Mitra for taking liberties and paraphrasing and amplifying the text he ought to have bribat translating, and some of his rendering was simply misleading. He is beyond description. The Safavid -era mystic Mir Findiriski d.

Thanks many times over! The mind manifests itself as the external world in the shape of pains or pleasures.

Maharamayana, Arsaramayana, Vasistaramayana, Jnanavasistha or Vasistha. Actually these are the examples of sheer folly on the part of translators. According to Yoga Vasishtha, this world of experience with various objects, time, space and laws, is a creation of the mind, that is, an idea or Kalpana. It is long since out of print. Introduction Yogavasistha is known by several names e. You won’t believe what some items have looked like when they’ve arrived!


Yoga Vasishta Maharamayana

Mind is not anything different and separate from Brahman. The text is traditionally attributed to Valmiki, the author of Ramayana. Moksha is freedom from all sorts of pains Sarva-Duhkha Nivritti and the attainment of supreme bliss Paramananda Prapti. The original Sanskrit dates back to early medieval Indian history, and its subject matter arguably millennia before that.

How can one translator hazara singh as thousand lion. He is the ultimate substance.

Yoga Vasishta Maharamayana

I’m intrested in Yoga,Meditation,Vedanta ,Upanishads,so,i’m naturally happy i found many rare titles in brihag unique garden! The Yoga Vasistha is a syncretic work, containing elements of VedantaYogaSamkhyaSaiva SiddhantaJainism and Mahayana Buddhismthus making it, according to Chapple, “a Hindu text par excellenceincluding, as does Hinduism, a mosaic-style amalgam of diverse and sometimes opposing traditions”.

I highly recommend others to use this site. GlennRamana Maharshi: The name Vasistha in the title of avsistha text refers to Rishi Vasistha.