AUTHOR: HABIBURRAHMAN EL SHIRAZY. PUBLIZER: AUTHOR PUBLISHING. BUMI CINTA. Bumi Cinta is the result of tadabbur Ustadz. Analisis Stilistika Dan Nilai Pendidikan Novel Bumi Cinta Karya Habiburrahman El Shirazy. Nina Yuliawati • Herman J. Waluyo • Yant Mujiyanto. Journal article. Request PDF on ResearchGate | On May 1, , Younghun Koh and others published The Rhetorics Strateges in the Novel Bumi Cinta by Habiburrahman.

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The religious values in the novel include faith, piety, gratitude, sincerity, and honesty.

This study has the view that the persuasion rhetorics of al-Hikmah is based on the blessings with subtlety and with harshness. Cite this Email this Add to favourites Print this page.

These three women who dominated the story of the Love the Earth, and they are women is a challenge and a test of faith salaf students, Muhammad Ayyas.

The persuasion approach of al-Hikmah also refers to the appropriateness of an issue with the current situation. Habiburrahman El-Shirazy has seized the opportunity to be part of the Islamic novel genre more seriously. Ayyas see Linor slowly rise from her seat. To face these, Muhammad Ayyas will be equipped with guidance from al-Quran particularly al-Anfal verse as his weapon which will provide him strengths while traveling in Russia. The rhetorics intended by Graf includes the communicative low, language flow, also language style and writing pp.

Request this item to habiburrahmah in the Library’s reading rooms using your library card. And another problem with the debate over the divinity doctorate Anastasia endless.

On the other hand, Yelena was hit by the conflict with the pimps and Linor Mossad agent, he has prepared a plan to Ayyas malicious, defamatory engineering to prepare a bombing directed to Ayyas as the culprit.


Muhammad Ayyas as a main character in BC was patterned to preach to the reader. To learn more about how to request items watch this short online video. Although it is harsh and assertive, the language used must be tactful and polite. For the first argumentation, Muhammad Ayyas had purposely put forward the theory of religion by Emmanuel Kant, a Western scholar.

Bumi Cinta – Habiburrahman El Shirazy – PDF Drive

Thus began a struggle vagaries Madinah University graduate students to live a life full of challenges in the country was free. Even Abdul Karim suggests that the preachers should make part of themselves the target group and ask them to do good deeds togetherp. Log In Sign Up. And in Russia, faith figures, a salaf named Muhammad Habiburragman students struggled to face the enemies of the faith.

Bumi Cinta – Habiburrahman El Shirazy

The author has chosen verses 47 of Chapter al-Anfal4 as the core tenet of the creation of BC. Lessons to maintain a faith and desires which are very difficult to be kept by a young man of today, the all-free era.

Ayyas nearly derailed into a great sin.

Thus the novel is very much the lessons and benefits that can be taken for the readers. The pinnacle of hikmah in oneself is when the hikmah is able to prevent him from wickedness. English is very challenging for us because as we know that English in Indonesia is foreign language. Technique of analyzing data used was flow analysis model encompassing three components: The concept of Western rhetorics emerging in the Malay world in the 19th century and in the first half of the 20th century is not able to digest the overall Malay literary mindset.


Bumi Cinta – Habiburrahman El Shirazy • BookLikes (ISBN)

The new model is not tied to a model of western communication. Skip to main content. Penerbit Universiti Malaya Schroter S.

And the last examples, he accepting invitation to stroll with two housemate with a strategy to explain the truth of Islam. His daily life rooted from the faith of Islam.

Analisis Stilistika Dan Nilai Pendidikan Novel Bumi Cinta Karya Habiburrahman El Shirazy

Here is an example that illustrates the event where Muhammad Ayyas was almost falling into the valley of sinners: The enemy of faith everywhere. Free sex and promiscuity are prevalent in the Earth Indonesia, and else where.

And knowledge of Allah covers all that they have to worked on. According to Grafp. The Past and The Future. Meanwhile, the forbiddance seeks to buumi a misdeed from going rampant and further harming the society.

This model was created by Nor Raudhah Haji Siren based on the model of Robert H Gass and John S Seiter who introduce the concept of pure cases of persuasion and border cases of persuasion.

Therefore, this study chooses the novel entitled Bumi Cinta authored by Habiburrahman El- Shirazy as a sample of the rhetorics strategy used by the writer to deliver the teachings of Islam in a more effective way.