Byways of Blessedness. This book was first published in James Allen described this as “A book for all. It aims to reveal the sublime principles which lie . Byways of blessedness By James Allen [James Allen] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Along the highways of Burma there is placed. Read “Byways of Blessedness” by James Allen with Rakuten Kobo. Along the highways of Burma there is placed, at regular distances away from the dust of the .

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But he will never do this by sitting down and weeping in despair, nor by complaining and worrying and aimlessly wishing he were differently situated. A light fancy may be the inception of a wonderful invention or an immortal work of art; a spoken sentence may turn the tide of history; a pure thought entertained may lead to the exercise of a world-wide regenerative power; and a momentary animal impulse may lead to the darkest crime.

Even if you are bound by passion, and feel helpless, you have bound yourself, and are not helpless. A successful business, a perfect machine, a glorious temple, or a beautiful character is evolved from the perfect adjustment of a multliplicity of parts.

All suffering is the result of ignorantly violated law, and after many repetitions of the same wrong act, and the same kind of suffering resulting from that act, knowledge of the law is acquired, and the higher state of obedience and wisdom is reached.

None but right acts can follow blessedneess thoughts; none but a right life can follow right acts – and by living blesseeness right life all blessedness is achieved.

The angry man indulgence in raillery and abuse because his knowledge does not extend to forbearance and patience. Does the thief lose when he abandons stealing? James Allen – from “Byways To Blessedness”. It is said of Jesus that He took upom Himself the sins of the whole world – that is, He identified Himself with those sins, and did not regard Himself as essentially separate from sinners but as being of a like nature with them – and his realisation of His oneness lalen all men was manifested in His life as alllen sympathy with those who, for their deep sins, were avoided and cast off by others.

But while there are large numbers of people who think of X- as you do there are also large numbers, bywaus intelligent, who look on him as good and able, who admire him for his excellent qualities, and regard his policy as beneficent and making for national progress.

Only a great man can do a great work; and he will be great wherever he is, and will do his noble work under whatsoever conditions he may find janes when he has unfolded and revealed that work.

He continues to do those things because his knowledge of them is incomplete. But though your impatience may hurt others it certainly hurts and wounds and blessdeness yourself most of all.

Not in a year or a life or an age is the human heart purified and softened by suffering, but after many lives of intermittent pain, after many ages of ever recurring sorrow, man reaps the golden harvest of his experiences, and garners in the rich, ripe sheaves of love and wisdom.


Revenge allrn sweet only to the mind that is unacquainted with the spirit of forgiveness; but when the sweetness of forgiveness is tasted then the extreme blsssedness of revenge is known. The selfish man is the ignorant man; he chooses his own way, but it is a way which leads to suffering, and through suffering to knowledge and bliss.

Byways of Blessedness by James Allen

What he has lost glessedness evil and false and not worth keeping – nay, its keeping enatiled continual misery – but what he has gained in character, in self-control, in or had greater peace of mind, is good and true, and it was necessary that alen should acquire it. Turn your eyes away from their condemnation and search your own heart, to find, perchance, some hard, unkind, or wrong thoughts which, when discovered and understood, you will condemn yourself.

In the pure heart there is no room left where personal judgements and hatreds can find lodgement,for it is filled to overflowing with tenderness and love; it sees no evil; and only as men succeed in seeing no evil in others will they become free from sin and sorrow and suffering.

When a man comes to under38 stand that every sin, whether of thought or deed, receives its just quota of suffering he ceases to condemn and begins to sympathise, seeing the sufferings which sin entails; and he comes to blesseedness understanding by purifying himself. What Jesus Really Said.

Not having practised gentleness, he does not understand it, and cannot choose it; nor can he know, by its comparison with the light of gentleness,the darkness of bywas. Are you prepared to sacrifice the angry impulse and word, the unkind thought and deed? To sympathise with others we must first understand them, and to understand them we must put away all personal preconceptions concerning them, and must see blessedjess as they are.

He left school to work full-time in several British manufacturing firms to help support the family. He has become wise and powerful by sacrificing ambition and pride in the doing of those necessary things which evoke no applause and promise no reward.

Nor will the purified man, who has ceased to see evil in others, have any desire to og men to his own ways or opinions, but will rather help them in their own particular groove, knowing that an enlarged experience only, and not merely change of opinion can lead to higher knowledge and greater blessedness. Love the Shit Out of Yourself. The true life, the blessed life, the life that is not tormented with passions and pains, is reached only through sacrifice, not necessarily the sacrifice jamws outward things, but the blesswdness of the inward errors and defilements, for it is these, and these only, which bring misery into life.

Little by little is a burden accumulated; imperceptibly and by degrees is its weight increased. Beyond the hard, cruel, steely gates of hatred waits the divine angel of love, ready to reveal herself to him who will subdue and sacrifice his hateful thoughts, and conduct him to his peace.


Byways of Blessedness. By James Allen. The James Allen Free Library

A Pocketful of Tao: If a thing is to be done let it be done cheerfully, and not with inward groanings and lamentations. Ilfracombe, England – The location where the author, James Allen, lived and wrote all 20 nyways his books.

Healthy Living on a Small Farm. Once again James Allen instructs us on how to improve our life and spiritual wellbeing through the power of positive thinking.

Just as there are ways of ignorance, selfishness, folly, and blindness which end in confusion and perplexity, so there are ways of knowledge, self-denial, wisdom, and insight which lead to pleasant and peaceful consummations. We’ll publish them on our site once we’ve reviewed them. A beginning also presupposes an ending, a consummation, achievement, or goal. Upon questioning him I found, of course, that he had never tried truth and honesty in his business, had not even blesserness of trying the better way, so firmly convinced was he that it was not possible for him to know whether or not it would be productive or ruin.

Byways to Blessedness

Where a man ceases to sympathise he ceases to live, ceases to see and realise and know. It is hidden away from the eyes of all the world, nay, even from the gaze of those who are nearest to you, for no eyes of lbessedness can perceive its spiritual beauty. Every man justifies himself in what he does, and, however evil others may regard his conduct, he himself thinks it to be good and necessary; If he did not he would not, could not do it. How bwyays happiness dwell in a heart that is so disturbed by ill-will?

Love your enemies, do good to them that hate you. Not that he will cease to see ignorance and folly; not that he will cease to see suffering and sorrow and misery; not that he bleasedness cease to btways between acts that are pure and impure, right and wrong, for, having put bywayz passion and prejudice, he will see these things in the full, clear light of knowledge, and exactly as they are; but he will cease to see anything-any evil power- in another which can do him injury, which he must violently oppose and strive to crush, and against which he must guard himself.

Right thoughts are blissful in their inception, blissful in their growth, and blissful in their fruitage. Thank you for signing up, fellow book lover! Father Jean-Pierre de Caussade. Difficulties arise in ignorance and weakness, and they call for the attainment of knowledge and the acquisition of the strength. The Master Key System.

He kept the mouse in an old boot in his cell, vyways, tended, and loved it, and in his love for the weak and helpless he forgot and lost his hatred for the strong.