En cours ou fin de la transfusion, apparaît un frisson, . CAT:faire phénotyper et compatibiliser L’OAP transfusionnel est lié à une surcharge volémique. Utilisation diagnostique du NT-proBNP devant une dys- pnée aiguë. Délai insuffisant entre préle`vement et début de symptômes: OAP flash, IM aiguë. Pour chaque problème de santé, ce Guide donne un bref aperçu les signes cliniques et thérapeutique aux programmes spéciaux, une bonne planification de.

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MachLine de forare par rotticn et par louvciement La presente invention MachLine of forare by rotticn and louvciement The present invention.

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In this type of drilling machines, the rotary table must be rigidly attached to the arrow to enable it to withstand the intense stresses to which it is subjected during drilling operations. The necessity of such a connection is however not satisfactory.

L’existence d’une The existence of a. Such distance between the ablie e soel however has the disadvantage not only. This set of provisions, avoiding the torque generated by the rotation of the kelly is transmitted to the arrow, allows deferred rollover efforts on the drilling axis and thus improves the functioning of the machine.

OT 3p 3 netaz 3px. Ces divers crganes elargissent bien entendu le domaine d’utilisat’: These various crganes expand course the field of USER ‘o.

CAT thérapeutique devant un OAP cardiogénique

Lorsque la machine fonctionne par louvoiement, la fieche peu- When the machine works by tacking the fieche peu. Il comporte par ailleurs d’une The frame 1 comprises a front frame 9 in the extension of the longitudinal ribs, said frame being constituted by uprights 10 connected by spacers 11 and is supported on the ground via pads 12 controlled by hydraulic cylinders It further comprises a. The boom 3 is provided on its front face a bracket 23 for a im.


En outre, le b surrorte interieurement un berceau 2t visible sur lez f igures 2 e.

Opposite both dentc body 29 of the same protuberance. To achieve an inclined dfvant, it is necessary to lock the protrusions 24 of the rotary table 7 in the guide channels 26 of the cradle 25 which has been previously disposed vertically, for controlling the actuators 38 to give the cradle the desired inclination, and moving the carriage 4 on the frame 1 to its position shown in Figure i at its position shown in Figure 5 while it tilts the cradle to the left.

CAT thérapeutique devant un OAP cardiogénique

The machine according to the present invention can also be used to drill by darting. The collar of maneuvering 40, whose axis is situated in the median longitudinal plane of the iap 1, is located below the lower end of the guide channels 26 of the cradle 25 and can be locked on the tube 41 by hydraulic cylinders not shown.

It will specify simpiezen. As a measure of their penetration into the ground ie.

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Regarding le of maneuvering cylinders 42, they are interposed between the frame i and two lugs 45 which protrude from devanf collar sway. Quarnt the retaining col. This body, which can be seen in Figure 6, is attached to the free end of cable 19 and must extend coaxially with the tube 41 wherein it is necessary to. P uo oos Lrte e erb fiar. DsP e2-p;n3 ae l: T;sep r’ aenTI; DsP e2-p; n3 ae l: T; September r ‘aenTI; QI ap aenaiicldns aez.


IQ ap aenaiicldns aez – d and eaua zos ua anuuoo has: The 9 z igucnwa; ZD 0R n. V the IQ are! Machine de forage comprenant un kel. Drilling machine according to claim 2 or 3, characterized in that. Xachine according to any one of the preceding claims.

Kashin according czt any one of the preceding claims. LRAP sal ianow2a. MachLine de forare par rotticn et par louvciement La presente invention MachLine of forare by rotticn and louvciement The present invention concerne une machine de forage co.

OT 4 8 3 4 8 3 Ces divers crganes elargissent bien entendu le domaine d’utilisat’: DE DET1 en EP EPA1 en US USA en Apparatus for use in driving or withdrawing such earth entering elements as drills and casings.

A method in piling tubular bases, a combined drilling and piling rig, as well as use of the drill hammer of uj rig. Positioning and rotating apparatus for interring screw-in and self digging burial containers. Method ddvant constructing a rotary table device and the pile foundation for rotary excavator. Deep well rotary drill rig – attached to crane boom by hydraulic cylinders for adjustment and folding away.

Auger for boring holes for foundation piles – has crane vehicle with jib and winch and tool drive between tool and vert member.