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If the dismissal is based on a just cause, no notice period applies. Decentralised-level agreements can set out different provisions to regulate overtime in order to better manage working time within the firm. Employees may receive various additional wage elements — for instance, additional monthly salaries 13th and 14th monthly payments.

Local company-level agreements may step up these standards through provisions on issues such as rates, performance bonuses, and bonuses on productivity. Finally, the implementation of industrial restructuring processes often envisages agreements — to be concluded between companies and trade distribizione — that support generational turnover, frequently through early retirement schemes or the hiring of young people.

Living and working in Italy

The law regulates the right to strike only in relation to the public sector. For the ‘Yes’ answer, Italy’s score is higher cncl the European Union score. The development of bilateralism has improved trade union relations by fostering a more collaborative and participative approach to all of the matters and areas where it can be practiced, in a sector such as distrivuzione tertiary, characterized by a highly fragmented employment situation.

There were no significant developments in working life in Italy in Life satisfaction Data source: The country page gives access to Eurofound’s most recent survey data and news, directly related to Italy: Competences of the body Sistribuzione in company level collective bargaining? These NCBAs cover most firms. Consequently, a doctor must certify the state of illness, submitting the certificate to INPS through an online procedure.


The same obligations shall apply to political parties, trade unions, and NGOs. Read the highlights for for working life in Italy. Health and safety at work The overall number of accidents at work has been decreasing in recent years, both in absolute terms and compared to employment rates.

Social partners involvement in unemployment benefit regimes Entitlements and obligations Parental, maternity, and paternity terziaroi Pursuant to Act no. Youth employment decreased slightly Download ppt “Ente Bilaterale del Terziario: My presentations Profile Feedback Log out.

Moreover, the act under scrutiny strengthens the tools introduced to encourage serrvizi welfare schemes by increasing the number of beneficiaries among workers, as well as by raising productivity bonuses.

This is the apprenticeship, in which the employer is obliged not only to pay remuneration to employees, but also to train them.

Orario contrattuale, ferie e altre riduzioni orarie – dipendenti a tempo pieno

As already stated, NCBAs set the minimum hourly wage and the maximum length of the working day, depending on the sector and the type of activity carried out. Relationships between employers and employees are regulated in considerable detail by Italian law and — where applicable — by the relevant National Collective Bargaining Agreement NCBAwhich leaves only a few matters to be settled by individual negotiations and agreements.

As a consequence, where there is a relevant mistake about personal qualities and skills, the agreement cannot be considered valid. According to the provisions set out in NCBAs, the cost of overtime hours is higher than ordinary working hours.

Living and working in Italy | Eurofound

To sum up, basic rights and pay levels are established at national level, while decentralised collective agreements aim to adapt the general conditions to a specific context, in accordance with the mandatory provisions established at national level. Paritarian institutions deal with several issues, such as wages, skills, training, working time, and unemployment scheme benefits.


Two requirements shall exist for a strike to be considered lawful:. This new procedure, which applies to workers dismissed before Xcnl is expected to be part of JAEC. For the ‘No’ answer, Italy’s score is lower than the European Union score. Survey respondents in Italy are also less optimistic than people on average in the EU Two months before and three months after delivery or one month before and four months after delivery.

Increasingly important in this context is the Europe growth and jobs strategy sefvizi inwhich has five headline targets, covering employment through to social inclusion and poverty reduction. Collective agreements cannot be extended by legislation.

Auth with social ssrvizi European Working conditions survey Share buttons are a little bit lower. The Social Exclusion Index has somewhat deteriorated from 2. Skip to main content. The abovementioned provisions can be extended to the father of the child if: A further factor is the thriving of interorganisational innovations, particularly in the field of SME associations paritarian institutions providing their members with welfare and services.

The category of people with disabilities includes: The dismissal of executives must be communicated in writing. Click to share this page to Twitter securely Tweet. Tensions came to a head in June when the ruling party, the Democratic Party PDcircumvented a referendum organised by the CGIL on voucher-based workby repealing provisions subject to the referendum intended to abrogate it, and introducing unilaterally a teziario, albeit etrziario stringent, regulation.

Specifically, 10 members are appointed directly by the President of the Republic: