Namakam Chamakam Sri Rudram. Namakam – Yajur Veda Chapter Om Namo Bhagavate Rudraya. Namaste Rudramanyavautota Ishhave. Sri Rudram Namakam Chamakam Sri Rudram Namakam Chamakam Lyrics in 9 Indian languages. Sri Rudram Laghunyasam Sri Rudram Namakam. Rudram Śrī Rudram Anuvāka 1 – Devanāgarī, transliteration and translation text. Also includes a text with phonetic changes of anusvāra and visarga.

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The Rudra Ganas, blue throated, where the Kalakuta poison rested; and white throated in other portions; those Rudras who dwell in the nether regions; we shall cause the strings of their bows to be loosened, and the bows themselves to be deposited thousands of yojanas far away from us. Views Read Edit View history. All the above thirty eight desires are prayed for to be fulfilled in this Anuvaka. Here Prana the strong force binds the Quarks and help forms the next set of particles such as Baryons and Mesons.

Mitra and Varuna are said to increase the growth in Earth. Hence this anuvaka invokes all elements of earth that possess mass. Actually four indicates four hundred million bases. Let my salutations be to that great God who is the Lord of the universe; the great God who has three eyes and who destroys Tripura, the three Asura cities.

Shiva sharavya ya tava taya no rudra mridaya. Important thing is we Humans are much bigger entities than we ourselves believe.

Glory Of Hinduism: English translation of Sri Rudram – Namakam and Chamakam

Hence it talks about Apa the base mediumas I explained in my blogs on Rudra mentioned in the reference section. Salutations to Him who appears chama,am the middle, and who appears undeveloped. You may download the latest version from the Adobe Website.


Dharbai is also said to have similar characteristics and hence is considered the manifestation of Purusha.

Let the energy circulation become strengthened through the process of evolution. Aryaman is also an asura in the sense that it is a sub-atomic particle.

Chamakam English Translation

I map Mitras to Photons. Approach us wearing your elephant hide garment.

In planet Earth it is the Oceanic water that originates life and intelligence. They invoke the force of Rudra on the APA. Cause the proper functioning of the three airs prana, Apana and Vyana and the mukhya prana circulation and the secondary airs of udana and samana mental knowledge, powerful chxmakam and a perfect and harmonious mind, Keen vision and hearing, healthy and active functioning of sense organs, highest intelligence ojas and the strength and virility and vigour to crush the enemies, assured longevity and honorable old age; and a sustainable egotism and a sound and well built body with full happiness ensuring protection to all the limbs and well built body with full happiness ensuring protection to all the limbs and well arranged bones and joints.

To that God who is the Dandhya time when the three sacred fires are lit; who is Rudra the fire that consumes the universe; whose throat is blue; who has conquered death; the Lord of all; the ever auspicious one; salutations to that glorious and great God. Yo rudro vishva bhuvanaaavivesha chwmakam rudraya namo astu.

Parame vruksha ayudham nidhaya krittim vasana achara pinakam. Let my Joyous offerings bear fine and worthy speech and my words please the divinity, make men lend their ears to gladden and Gods enlighten me and invoke my speech very powerful and my fore fathers feel excellently glad over it and bless me to perpetuate it.

Kamadhenu, the divine cow discovered the hymns by which the gods are invoked. Salutation to them who have rooted out sin utterly and who abides in the hearts of the Gods. This anuvaka talks about the radiations that come out of Amba as it starts agitating putting effort to give birth. The Chamakam has eleven Anuvakas. Atho ya ishhudhistavare chamajam tamh.


DNA base pairs are found in nucleus as well mitochondria. Namo dundubhyaya cha hananyaya cha. Salutations to Him who protects the world by the might of His drawn bow, to Rudra the destroyour of all miseries; to the Lord of the fields and sacred places, salutations.

Home Talk Property Beat. Modern science also says the acidic nucleus and metabolisation of essential fatty acids trigger the evolution of biological beings from bacteria to modern human beings. Asau yoavasarpati nilagrivo vilohitah. Vijyam dhanuh kapardino vishalyo banava uta.

The Rudram Chamakam – An original explanation | Sulekha Creative

A child also sees maximum brain growth in the first four years of its life. Come lyris all the particles and elements Vishvedeva that form in this.

My salutations to your anger and also to your arrows. Stones, Clay, Hills, mountains, Gravel stones, Wood, Gold, bronze, lead, tin, iron, copper are all examples of matter that acquire mass due to Higgs field and grow in size due to Gravitational field. This first anuvaka of Chamakam talks about force of Amba the Quark-Gluon Plasma Some plasmic substancethe first dimension of Rudra in the following ways:.

The numbers are incremented by two indicating the two bases in a base-pair. Thus it is a dispenser too. Om shaantih shaantih shaantih.

Salutations to you who are in the form of those who mold clay and make mud vessels, and artisans working in the metals.