Let’s start to write our first program to get the idea. This will demonstrate how to. The CImg Library – C++ Template Image Processing Toolkit. FAQ Summary. General information and availability. What is the CImg Library?.

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Construct image with specified size and initialize pixel values.

The CImg Library Documentation

In-place decrement operator postfix. Convert pixel values from Lab to RGB color spaces [new-instance version]. CImg defines a single image class able to represent datasets having up to 4-dimensions from 1d documentatiion signals to 3d hyperspectral volumetric imageswith template pixel types bool,char,int,float, Construct image with specified size [in-place version].

A CImgArgumentException is thrown when an invalid value string values is specified.

c++ – How to use ‘CImg’ and it’s basic functions – Stack Overflow

Return a 3×3 matrix containing specified coefficients. Assign a value to all image pixels. Documenfation square matrix-valued pixel at specified position. OFF file [new-instance version].

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Fill sequentially pixel values according to the values found in another image [new-instance version]. Mirror image content along specified axis [new-instance version]. Test if two images have the same cimt and values.

Save image as a PNK file. Save image as a PNM file. Documentaion image into a list along specified axis. What is the CImg Library? Creation of two display windows, one for the input image image, and one for the image visu which will be display intensity profiles.

The CImg Library – C++ Template Image Processing Toolkit

Test if image depth and spectrum are the same as that of another image. Compute isosurface of a function, as a 3D object [overloading].

Blur image anisotropically, directed by a field of diffusion tensors [new-instance version]. The CImg Library is an open-source product distributed under two distinct licenses: As you have noticed, the CImg library allows to write documetnation small and intuitive code.

The main library file CImg.


Linearly normalize pixel values. Return pixel value, using linear interpolation and Neumann boundary conditions for the X,Y and Z-coordinates. Construct image from a display window. The size of the object binary file generated to cover all possible cases would be just colossal.

Draw a filled 2D circle. Test if image width and height are equal to specified values.

In-place version of the constructor CImg unsigned int,unsigned int,unsigned int,unsigned doccumentation. Test if image width, height and spectrum are equal to specified values. Compute the bitwise left rotation of each pixel value [new-instance version]. Load image from a file.

Moreover, a simple plug-in mechanism allows any user to directly enhance the library capabilities according to his needs.