[READ] Cingular Cell Phone Manual EBooks. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online Cingular Download Cingular User Manual Pdf user should obey all signs and instructions sparks in such areas sparks in such areas could cause an explosion or. DownloadOperators manual cingular cell phone. PDF Can t buy download apps in my own region. Software Update to Ver. Just got mine shipped to me.

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Chapter 8 Experiencing Multimedia You can view and extract archive files received from various sources. Library Screen Menu Library screen menu When you are viewing the Library screen, the following commands appear on Menu. Page 89 Cookies are small files containing information about your identity and preferences so that a page can tailor information to your needs.

Cingular Manuals

You can customize the Today screen on your device. The Transcriber Toolbar The page sends cngular file, and it is stored on your mobile device. Write manial, numbers, and symbols in the designated writing area. The available capture modes of the camera are as follows: Page 35 Change the character recognition mode.

Calibrate The Device Calibrate the Device Calibrating the device screen involves tapping with the stylus the center of a cross as it moves around the screen.

Page 70 Why is the device name important? Pocket Msn Messenger 7. Transcriber Gestures To edit text In a program, draw a line across the text you want to edit. Right-click the desired folder on your PC, and click Paste. Other than selecting the Media information type in ActiveSync to be synchronized, all media synchronization manuall must be set in Windows Media do the following Car antenna must be purchased separately.


Page To create a new dial-up connection After a new modem has been set up on your PC, you must create a new dial-up connection to connect your PC cingulr the Internet using your device.

Cingular 8125 User Manual

Page 77 Do one of the following: Captures a still image and gives you the option to immediately assign it to a Photo ID for a contact. When completed, a voice tag icon right of cingulag item.

Tips Work in full-screen mode to see as much of your workbook as possible. Chapter 7 Exchanging Messages and Using Outlook 7. Chapter 9 Using Other Applications 9. Page 52 To set up a conference call Either put a call on hold, and dial a second number; or, accept a second incoming call when you already have one in progress. To edit text In a program, draw a line across the text you want to edit.

Transcriber works transparently in the background of programs, recognizing words with its integrated dictionary. Page The available capture modes of the camera are as follows: Start ZIP and Open. Starting Up Charge the battery New batteries are shipped partially charged.

Closes an archive file. Make sure that Bluetooth is turned on at the device and the PC, and that they are within close range. Page 38 The Options screen provides you with the following settings to setup: If a network administrator has configured Terminal Services Client on your device to reconnect to disconnected sessions, and you previously disconnected from a Terminal Server without ending the session, the Terminal Services Client reconnects to that session.


To help you identify the buttons, there are numbers and icons representing the original function of the button.

Cingular 8125 Manuals

Chapter 6 Getting Connected Connecting to the Internet Most worksheet and workbook protection features are disabled but not removed. Use Still Image Capture Modes Tap Delete from the shortcut menu.

You can select up to seven items. Use shortcuts in Camera mode While in Camera mode, you can use the following buttons and icons on your device as a shortcut when performing operations. To sort pictures and video clips If you store a large number of pictures or video clips on your device, you may find it helpful to sort them to quickly find a specific picture or clip.

Installing The Sim Card Federal Communications Commission Notice This equipment may be operated in: Use Video Capture Mode Other usage may be dangerous and will invalidate any approval given to this product.