Clarifying the intrapreneurship concept – in – Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development. e-journal. You may have to log in to access. Add to My. Clarifying the Intrapreneurship Concept – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or read online. The interplay of environment and culture in small firm marketing: a comparative study of the marketing practices of Chinese small firms in Hong Kong and the UK.

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Please download to get full intraprdneurship. Home Documents Clarifying the Intrapreneurship Concept. Clarifying the Intrapreneurship Concept. Clarifying the intrapreneurship concept Bostjan Antoncic and Robert D. Hisrich Introduction Entrepreneurship is an emerging and evolving field of inquiry.

Entrepreneurship research has been expanding its boundaries by exploring and developing explanations and predictions of entrepreneurship phenomena in terms of events, such as innovation, new venture creation and growth, and in terms of characteristics of individual entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial organizations. Share Clarifying the Intrapreneurship Concept.

Embed Clarifying comcept Intrapreneurship Concept. All materials on our website are shared by users. If you have any questions about copyright issues, please report us to resolve them. We are always happy to assist you. Hisrich Introduction Entrepreneurshipis an emerging and evolvingfield of inquiry. One growing entrepreneurship research sub-field is intrapreneurship,i. Emergingin the pasttwo decades, the initial research inintrapreneurship focused on new businessventuring, i.

Intrapreneurshipresearch has evolved into three focal areas. Recognition and support of entrepreneurs inorganizations is also a part of this focal area. Keywords Intrapreneurship, Entrepreneurialism, Management,Strategy, Competitiveness Abstract This research contributes to the development of thetheory of intrapreneurship by clarifying theintrapreneurship concept.

Intrapreneurship is moreprecisely defined by referring to emergent behavioralintentions and behaviors that are related clarifyihg departuresfrom the customary ways of doing business in existingorganizations.

The intrapreneurship concept is positionedin the management literature, is contrasted with othersimilar management concepts and developed as anintegrative concept composed of eight distinct, yet relateddimensions.

Electronic access Intrwpreneurship Emerald Research Register for this journal isavailable at http: The main contributions of theintrapreneurship sub-field have been in: The main objective of this paper is theclarification of the intrapreneurship concept. We are not aware of any study thatsystematically differentiates intrapreneurshipfrom a group of similar yet distinctmanagement concepts. They identifiedmost of the key dimensions of a firm-levelentrepreneurship concept such as autonomy,innovativeness, risk taking, proactiveness andcompetitive aggressiveness.


While intrapreneurshil animportant contribution to the understandingof entrepreneurship orientation in general,they tried to be too inclusive by not making acategorical decision on the level of analysis. Their discussion of entrepreneurialorientation, even if organizationally-centered,tries to cover both individual andorganizational level entrepreneurshipcharacteristics.

This paper corrects thesedeficiencies, and if effect expands on thiswork, by providing a definition thatdifferentiates intrapreneurship from othersimilar management concepts identifies keydimensions of intrapreneurship. Defining intrapreneurship Entrepreneurship When looking at defining entrepreneurship: Emergence-relatedbehavioral intentions and behaviors, such asorganization formation and innovation,differentiate entrepreneurship from non-entrepreneurship, which refers more tomanagement of existing, thw customaryactivities.

Thd thisview, entrepreneurship exists only when newcombinations are actually carried out andceases when this process is completed Bulland Willard, In effect,entrepreneurship is comprised of such non-customary events.

At the individual, as well as theorganizational, level, entrepreneurship can beseen as either outcome-based behavior or itsintentions, which can be observed in a seriesof smaller events, or in one or few largerevents, such as new venture formation orbreakthrough innovation. Entrepreneurshipcan be viewed in both absolute terms forexample, new firm vs no new firmas well asin relative terms more entrepreneurial vs lessentrepreneurial.

Intrapreneurship At the organizational level, however, new firmformation may also be cooncept in relative terms. This is due to the fact that some establishedcompanies may form more units or firms thanother organizations.

Entrepreneurship inorganizations is a matter of degree.

has been cited by the following article:

The viewin this paper is that organizations differ withregard to levels of entrepreneurship. Organizations can be viewed on theintrapreneurship continuum that ranges fromless to more entrepreneurial.

Pure forms, inabsolute terms, such as totally entrepreneurialor totally non-entrepreneurial organizationsare abstractions that help us understandreality, but do not actually exist in the realworld.

Such a definition is neededas a starting point because in intrapreneurshipresearch: In previous research, intrapreneurship hasbeen defined in several ways: Others limit the term only to newventure formation Kanter and Richardson,; Badguerahanian and Abetti, In this paper, intrapreneurship is defined asentrepreneurship within an existingorganization, referring to emergentbehavioralintentions and behaviors intrapreneirship an organizationthat are related to departures from thecustomary.


Intrapreneurial processes go oninside an existing firm, regardless of its size.

Intrapreneurship refers not only to thecreation of new business ventures, but also toother innovative activities and orientationssuch as development of new products,services, technologies, administrativetechniques, strategies and competitivepostures. Since this paper deals withentrepreneurship at the organizational level, 9 Clarifying the intrapreneurship concept Bostjan Antoncic and Robert D.

Since theemphasis is on entrepreneurial behavioralintentions and behaviors in small, medium-sized and large firms, not only in largecorporations, the term intrapreneurship ismore appropriate.

Differentiating intrapreneurship fromsimilar concepts Concepts can often be given a more precisedefinition by specifying what they are not Osigweh, clariifying, in addition to specifyingwhat they are and by comparingthem to othersimilar but distinct concepts. Specifically, theintrapreneurship concept can be betterdefined by: First, intrapreneurship, as emergentbehavioral intentions and behaviors, operatesat organizationalmarginsor boundariesnot atthe organizational core.

Intrapreneurship can beviewed as a curious, constantly searchingactivity at the frontier, not at the core. Second, intrapreneurship needs to bedifferentiated from similar concepts. Keysimilarities and differences of theintrapreneurship concept as compared tosimilar management concepts diversification,capabilities, organizational learning, andorganizational innovation are summarized inTable I and discussed below.

Clarifying the Intrapreneurship Concept – Documents

Diversification strategy andintrapreneurship Diversification strategy can be viewed as areflection of corporate strategy that addressesthe question of what businessthe organizationshould be in. Intrapreneurship and diversification stillcannot be considered totally distinct. Porter suggested that adiversification alternative should be assessedby using three essential tests: Seat4You brochure, fall Sep 13, Summary of Chemistry Textbook – Section 4.

Chanting and the Reiki Concept.

In the last chapter we investigated the general concept of function. When do primes prime? The moderating role of the self-concept in individuals susceptibility to priming effects on.

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