GAS-ACTUATED RELAYS BUCHHOLZ TYPE . The new Comem Buchholz relay is an assembly of two machined aluminium alloy castings that effect a perfect. GAS-ACTUATED RELAYS COMEM TYPE. The range: 2. BG 25 H. Weight kg. Minimum clearance to remove the mecanism from the body. Min. The Buchholz relay also takes over the function of an oil level indicator when there The MSafe® Buchholz relay impresses with its robust construction in which.

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Customer can then choose which side he prefers.

Guides 46 are formed on the posts 27 of frame 25 in a region located below the lower movable device 32 of the buchhoolz type.

A fundamental advantage achieved with the present invention is that a Buchholz relay has been provided which, without having to differentiate the production process, allows end users to choose the degree of sensitivity of intervention of the relay in the presence of oil currents. It is possible to detect hydrogen high-energy incident and carbon commem aging of the insulation material quickly and reliably based on the colour change of the indicators that are integrated in the glass tubes.

When an oil current occurs whose flow-rate exceeds the limit set by the adjustment, the movable flap device 33 in fact rotates with respect to bcuhholz frame 25 so as to directly actuate said disconnection circuit.

There are two floats 8 with their associated switches encapsulated in glass bulbs.

Comeem on map Hide map. Helium leak test as guarantee of oil and gas leak proofness Before being delivered, every single Buchholz relay is checked for leak proofness in addition to a function test.

Relay – Comem

Sticky label 90 X 52 with white background and black Trip circuit Trip circuit Codice: This drawing must not be reproduced in any medium nor utilized for the manufacture of the article herein rapresented or disclosed to other parties without our licence. Further characteristics and advantages of the present invention will become apparent from the following detailed description of a preferred embodiment thereof, illustrated only by way of non-limitative example in the accompanying drawings, wherein: In this manner, the combination of the first and second prefractures 43 and 44 forms, on the flat member 37, detachable portions 45 starting from the lower end R1 Gas accumulation is monitored and kept under control by the gas relay.


The sides 39 are parallel and are kept together by a tubular support 40 which protrudes monolithically from them with an axis which is parallel to the pivot By staying here you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

Gases moving in the direction of the oil conservator or shock waves created by the rapid gas development trigger the signaling system of the Buchholz relay.

Thank you for your inquiry and interest in ABB. Another important functionality of the Buchholz relay is to operate if oil flow from the transformer tank to the oil conservator.


Posizionare e proporzionare come da disegno. The distribution of these gases can be related to the type of electrical fault, and the rate of gas generation can indicate the severity of the fault. Lightning impulse withstand voltage kV peak Between circuits and earth 2 5 Across open contacts 1 3 Operating pressure – 1 bar, tested to 2,5 bar for 2 minutes at deg C.

Protection system for power transformers. The relay 16, in particular, is sensitive to the occurrence of oil currents whose flow-rate exceeds a preset limit which can be determined by the end user. The two ends 36 of pivot coemm can rotatably engage the posts 27 of the frame 25, as specified in greater detail hereinafter.

In this embodiment, the upper movable device 30 directly actuates the alarm circuit in a per se known manner, while the lower movable device 31 is connected to the disconnection circuit. The gas can in fact, in a first case, originate from outside and relaay introduced through the circulation pumps or, as an alternative, it can be the result of the decomposition of the liquid or solid insulators caused by overheating or by the onset of electric arcs.

Transformer 10 is provided with a Buchholz relay, according to the invention, which is designated by the reference numeral 16 and is integrated between the transformer and the expansion vessel Gas shall not freely pass from the relay body and escape into the pipework before the alarm contact has operated.


Each one of the switches 29 is of a per se known type and has, inside a bulb, a magnet and electrical contacts, not shown in the figures, which are directly connected, in this case, to an alarm circuit or to a disconnection circuit. In practice, it has been observed that the present invention widely achieves the intended aim and all the objects.


An upper movable device 30 and an equivalent lower movable device 31 are fixed to the frame 25; each device is of a per se known type and comprises a floater 32 of the lever type.

Within the scope of this aim, an important object of the present invention is to provide a Buchholz relay which ensures good characteristics in terms of bucgholz and most of all precision relaj the setting of the intervention threshold.

BR Internal gas relwy and oil flow are monitored and kept under control by the Buchholz relay. The relay for OLTC application comfm positioned in the pipe work between the on-load tap-changer head and the oil conservator.

Improved Buchholz relay – COMEM S.p.A.

The aim bcuhholz the present invention is to provide an improved Buchholz relay which solves the above drawbacks of conventional relays. However, their specific design requires a different approach when buchhloz about safety devices: Each one of guides 46 has, in the innermost end portion of its extension, a seat 47 which is suitable to accommodate the end 36 of the pivot 35 of the movable flap device Accessories for the Buchholz Relay: Learn more I agree.

Unfortunately, the resulting flap is enormously impaired by the fact that it is monolithic with the lower floater; moreover, adjustment performed in the above-mentioned manner is inaccurate and sometimes difficult to provide in practice.

This flow of oil operates a switch attached to a vane located in the path of the moving oil. The Buchholz relay must be applied at the highest point of the transformer and below the expansion relau, which is commonly known as conservator, and must be filled with oil during normal operation.