Complete Arcane, 03/16/ Complete Champion Complete Scoundrel, 09/ 24/ Complete 02/16/ Expanded Psionics Handbook, 02/16/ I remember the old forum had a thread for Ultimate Psionics Errata I Does the errata for psionics expanded apply to Ultimate Psioincs?. I haven’t seen official errata yet on complete psionic – and I’m missing something. In the original version of astra construct – I didn’t see anything.

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The Complete Psionic – What’s wrong with it?

It’s a throwaway book to placate the people who love psionics, and it does its job very, very badly. And how does it interact with Linked Power?

Thread Tools Show Printable Version. However, I’m going to make it similar to Twin Spell, not Quicken.

What if I want to actually have options for my current characters? More efficient action-wise and more appreciable. Errataa with the similar specific Illithid heritage feat.

The Practiced Manifester feat is controversial – I personally like it. I don’t suppose we can add: A psionic philosopher sounds much cooler than a psionic cleric, to me anyway.

Seems complete, though I haven’t read the book personally. Changing that won’t break anything, will it? There is no official errata released for the Complete Psionic sourcebook. I heard there was one that was distributed via email, but I can’t find a reference to it anywhere on the interwebs. Illithids experimented on you or one of your ancestors, which included grafts of illithid tissue. Rewording it to do so will be simple and I’ll make sure it doesn’t result in an infinite loop like Master Spellthief can.


Any suggestions on what to add instead? Why not put it on this website? What bits of it are useable and balanced and can be salvaged? Really just an alternate progression for Lurks, or the occasional Psychic Rogue. There are more mistakes and flagrant stupidity than I’ve come across in any book, ever.

Ultimate Psionics Errata

Storm Disciple level 3 ability is borkt, like gamebreaking good. With that stuff gone its a great book. Also, need to highlight Dire Augment since they seem to have fucked up on the bold part. Build a mockup character and try to use the feat.

The cimplete there seems to be that they waited a long time for a follow-up to the XPH and CP didn’t come close to living up. Complete Psionic is usually derided for it’s poor flavor Illithid Heiritage and Divine Mindunneeded nerfs Astral Constructit’s lack of needed nerfs, poor PrCs, and the fact that much of it’s content came from stuff already on the internet.

I’m right now paging through the Complete Psionic. Originally Posted by Artanis. Thanks to phildwsn research, here are the official starting age so far: However efrata character could take the http: The author kindly shared it with me, and I put it up as a public service, with permission.

I have to say, though, that the synad is an interesting PC race. Lycanthromancer on December 01, Originally Posted by Lsionic. You are one of the ancestors of the illithid race since they’re from the future. That said, flavor-wise that fits right in.


Originally Posted by Cheesegear. I vote that there needs to be more UPPD early errat, but tightly restricted later rather than having thousands of potential powers per day. November 29, I really compleet the Ardent. How many PrCs meld arcane and divine magic? Soulbow BAB thing was ignored, and even using it is only mildly interesting. By the book, no starting 0-level powers talents are defined for the Marksman.

Yeah, the PrCs pretty much sucked. Which bits require only minor adjusting to work? Also, what parts are good because it can’t be so awful there’s not a single useful thing in it? For one thing, some of the mindblade feats can really help make a quasi-effective soulknife.

Official D&D Updates

You keep spending as much money as you want! There may have been threads like this before, but my first search didn’t come up with anything relevant and there’s the annoying 5 minute delay on searches, so I just posted this.

The overall Casting Levels problem, is all over the place in CPsi. I all ready put the AI errata up they do stack, which does suck. Dunno exactly what nerfs will be applied, but I know what to nerf about it.

Originally Posted by Indon. It’s literally an extension of their will.

As mentioned above, fix the freaking requirements.