Authorized Oracle Primavera, Asta Powerproject and PMWeb Software Sales. • Experienced . Turn Asta “Flags” into Start. Constraints in P6. Hi to All, I am trying to export ASTA PP files to P3 using export option on Asta. But I am getting the error ” Invalid work Pattern position”. First you need to export your project from ASTA Power Project to a Microsoft Project XML-file. To do so please select “File” in the top left corner.

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Total cost variance percent. This hierarchy is imported into Asta Powerproject as a hierarchy of summary tasks.

asts Primavera software uses links to indicate membership of hammocks. Calendars Calendars in Primavera software are significantly less sophisticated than they are in Asta Powerproject.

Exporting calendars as global rather than project-specific calendars can cause problems if you export a number of projects that each contain calendars with the same name. You can choose to calculate the following earned value fields using the budget cost of allocations rather than using a value from a baseline:. Microsoft Project does not support buffer tasks. Select the Export resource allocations check box to include consumable and permanent resource allocations in the export, or clear the check box to exclude them.

How to import an ‘ASTA Power Project’ schedule – Sablono Support

Tasks in progress and completed tasks are represented straightforwardly in Asta Powerproject. Any positive income and negative costs in Asta Powerproject are exported as negative costs. To export a project into Microsoft Project XML format To export the entire project, click the File tab, then click Save As ; to export only the current branch or view, right-click a chart or summary group in the project view and select Export branch or view to Microsoft Project.

You can choose which code libraries to export during the export process. Primavera P3 does not support the use of long file or path names, or those containing spaces, so ensure that the file and folder names you use when exporting to P3B format are a maximum of eight characters in length and do not conveet spaces.

In order to get around these limitations in the way that cost rates are dealt with in Microsoft Project, if there are more than five allocations of the same resource on the same day with different cost and income rates, or if the cost and income rate of an allocation ti more than twenty-five times in a day, duplicate resources are created with suffixes of.


A number of custom fields relating to code libraries that have been convet during export are illustrated below:. User-defined fields Primavera software does not support boolean user-defined fields, so these are exported as string-type user-defined fields containing either ‘Y’ or ‘N’.

Estimate at completion EAC.

All Asta Powerproject exceptions must powerprooject one of these two types, regardless of their name, so they are converted to the relevant exception during export. For this reason, if you plan to export a project to Microsoft Project, it is advisable not to give code library entries within the same library the same name.

This is not optimal practice, and Primavera software will warn of an ‘invalid relationship type’ in its schedule report if this occurs.

This is set to be the currency unit of the resource’s associated cost and income rate in the Asta Powerproject project. Resource allocations ‘Labor’ resource allocations that are only allocations of a role and therefore not allocations of actual resources are imported as demand allocations. In Asta Powerproject, powerprroject with no successor are always considered to be non-critical.

Exporting projects to Microsoft Project

Milestones are converted into start milestones during import if they have more outgoing than incoming links, and into finish milestones in all other cases.

Negative costs and income Asta Powerproject supports positive and negative costs, and positive and negative income. Task user-defined fields in Asta Powerproject map to activity custom data in Primavera P3, while permanent and consumable scheduled allocation user-defined fields map to resource custom data.

Tasks Deadlines in Microsoft Project are separate from constraint flags; in Asta Powerproject a deadline is a type of constraint flag.

If you choose to export code libraries, an additional page of the wizard enables you to choose which code libraries to export. Null tasks Microsoft Project does not support bars as such; however, it does support null tasks.

When you use a planning unit of Hours, Powerprojedt P3 only supports a single start time and end time for each day, which means that Asta Powerproject’s morning and afternoon working periods cannot be directly translated during the export process. Primavera powerprojevt except Primavera P3 does not support hammock tasks. As well as being able to export asha projects to Microsoft Project, if you have Microsoft Project installed on the same computer, you can choose to export only the current convsrt or view to XML or MPP format.


The individual hierarchies underneath the work breakdown structure root item in an Asta Powerproject project are therefore exported, unless there is only a single project in the file, in which case the root WBS item is renamed to match that of the project.


To ensure that Asta Powerproject and Primavera software display the same values in powerpromect field – and in the Original duration percent complete field – for parent tasks, clear the Rolled up values parameter against these fields on the Table Definition Properties dialog.

Resource allocations If you choose to export resource roles during the export process, the role is set on each exported resource allocation. XER format bases durations on hours, so correct durations and effort values are always exported. Calendars If you choose to export a project using a planning unit of Hours, any day in an Asta Powerproject project with any working time at all is counted as a working day in Primavera P3. Tasks in Primavera software have a Priority field that is used to control resource levelling.

Cost centres The ‘cost account’ object in Primavera software is the equivalent of Asta Powerproject cost centres. Overtime work is associated with a corresponding powerpfoject exception during import.

Knowledge Base

Primavera P3 does not support resource or cost allocations on expanded tasks, so these are not exported and a warning is given. The default currency unit that is defined in the XER file is used to set up the common currency in Asta Powerproject.

Primavera P3 work breakdown structures are imported in their entirety. Tasks with multiple code assignments from the same library in Tl Powerproject have all codes removed, except the awta with the lowest ID, and a warning is given in this situation. Primavera software supports cost centres called ‘cost accounts’ in a similar way to Asta Powerproject. If any such flags are encountered on milestones during the export, the milestones are converted from start milestones to finish milestones, or vice versa.