WHAT IS KNOWLEDGE REPRESENTATION? .. CRCP. Centre for Reflective Community Practice. DOM. Document Object Model. DTD. The Center for Reflective Community Practice () know what they know, emphasizing how things are made as much as what is made. but also documentation of the process: the steps along the way, the struggles they. Reflective Community Practice (), and was a model for future We recommend that you print out this document on three-hole punch paper and .. What is the caterer’s educated estimate on total costs for food, rentals and staff for .

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No Ideas was the first digital story created by my daughter a clever approach. These artifacts in electronic portfolios often take the form of text or images; exu digital video clip adds another dimension to this collection. This process enables the participants to share, reflect on and analyze the experiences behind the critical moments, in order to identify lessons learned and the implications of these lessons for answering the inquiry question and moving their work forward.

Most ePortfolios today are digital paper: All of these software tools must reside on a personal computer. Some learners reflect on the major changes or transitions in their lives. Much of the work in both schools and the workplace is the result of collaboration.

Deadlines and Manners Chart

Only in second whatus could you summarize a life in one minute! While these Web-based tools are not as sophisticated as the desktop versions, they are more accessible to a larger number of digital story authors. In many learning activities, such as a field experience in teacher education, there may not be a concrete product that can be represented in a discrete artifact.


Perhaps ePortfolios can become the Trojan Horse for integrating digital storytelling into the curriculum. Here is a list of common software used on for both major operating systems, along with recommended hardware Barrett In Dadwe took 45 minutes of recorded narrative and selected only four minutes. This is Victoria’s fourth story in this collection; this one was recorded in 6th Grade.

Deadlines and Manners Chart

Children often forget what it is like not to know how to do something. Where I have examples of digital stories, I have provided web links. Storytelling, lessons and implications for inquiry question. Instead, I would emphasize that learner identity is inherent, but that “voice” is an expression of that innate identity, and hence a product of good communication skills.

My favorite example was written and recorded by my oldest granddaughter. In this example, this student teacher explains why he changed his career to become a teacher.

Once these questions have been formulated, the group reviews each of the questions and reformulates and prioritizes the questions until they are able to select one top inquiry question that reflects the shared expectations of the group. The script for this story was drawn directly from her journal.

Participants set aside their inquiry question and step back into their past by reflecting on their experience and identifying important events that represented critical shifts, either positive or negative, in this experience. Setting the frame and identifying inquiry questions.

Digital Stories in ePortfolios

And it is that individual something—different from the mark of all other writers—that we call voice. They are usually much longer than a typical digital story. Coming Full Circle http: Here is a brief guide to the tools of digital storytelling.


Sidebar Home What is your context? It seems to me that at each point a digital story snapshot would be an extremely appropriate part of a portfolio to tell you in a very succinct, entertaining, effective and emotionally engaging way where the students are and we would learn as much about them [as from tests] and we would have a form that people actually want to use or see.


Rccp also shows what can be done with Microsoft’s MovieMaker2 and Audacity. He also used the digital story to thank the teacher who had a major impact on his life.

The example shown here was created at a Digital Storytelling workshop at Kean University. Telling digital stories could also help the transition to retirement or any other major life change. Of course, docyments speed of the Internet connection will influence the quality of the experience.

Organizational learning efforts in particular when personal mastery and mental models need to be stimulated. This example is partly a digital family story and partly an dovuments to capture these stories while our older relatives are still with us. The online video editing tools are relatively new, and so here is a brief review of three of these tools:.

Finding the voice recording on the Internet of the poet reading his poem was a bonus. Digital stories can provide us with an opportunity to leave a legacy of our family stories for those who come after us.