Ilium [Dan Simmons] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Trojan War rages at the foot of Olympos Mons on Mars — observed and. DAN SIMMONS. Ilium is a work of such brain-boggling scope that it’s difficult to figure out how to contain a discussion of all its different facets in a review that. Justina Robson explores an empire that never fell in Robert Silverberg’s Roma Eterna and a far-future Greece in Dan Simmons’s Ilium.

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Ilium (novel) – Wikipedia

Something had to be done. Otherwise, the anxious urge to control every aspect and get it just right is going to strangle the life out of it, until there is no room left for mystery or strangeness. September Learn how and when to remove this template message.

Because this book is brilliant. But Simmmons, on the verge of reaching the age of and therefore destined to die soon, is not satisfied.

He also worked as a national language-arts consultant, sharing his own “Writing Well” curriculum which he had created for his own classroom. Learn more about Kindle MatchBook.

Especially the last 50 to pages. And with the credit he got from me with Hyperion and The Rise of Hyperion, I felt like this could only get better. It’s a great book and I loved reading it indeed, this was the second time I read it and I think I enjoyed it more the second time.

And with the “magic artifacts” he’s been given, he’s able to change a key event. Hockenberry and his fellow scholics are basically embedded journalists for the gods, but although they all know how the Iliad ends, they have been forbidden by Zeus to tell any of the other gods.


The story unfolds in three parts, which are skillfully woven together to increase dramatic tension as the plot lines spiral closer to each other. This book looked like it had potential.

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I mean, what can you ask more from a book? The Golden Apple musical Rhesus play.

Oh yes, Simmons simmonz taken his favourite weapon of intertextuality and speared himself doosy. Set in a very distant future, long after both AI and posthumans have merged, this novel contains three main storylines, all of which ventually intersect. Showing of reviews. Kevin Pariseau is the narrator of this audiobook and while at first I thought he over-acted the part of Hockenberry, though somehow not the other parts, I really grew to like him and found out that it was literally just the character of Hockenberry that he was playing.

Dan Simmons – Author’s Official Web Site

Simmons makes his home in Colorado. Screenwriters have been attached to the project and a first draft screenplay is expected soon. However, if I had any critique, it might be the same as I had for the Fall of Hyperion and it’s only in an unfair comparison to their predecessor: Ordinarily in any novel you like to have the setting firmly established, but Simmons teases van by steadfastly refusing to do this, thus forcing you to engage yourself in the story at a level normally reserved for, say, Phil Dick.

The literary turn is curious, seeming to promise that more thought has gone into this work than the average genre adventure. So, they send out a small group of Moravecs to have a look at what’s going on there, and to stop it if necessary. Of course, in a book about false Greek gods, we can’t forget how often Zeus himself liked to pull this trick–a story about a man who gets godlike powers and starts treating his fellow simmins like toys would have been interesting–but we’re not getting the psychological buildup to support that story.


Then Aphrodite pressgangs him into helping her get rid of Athena, at which point action and adventure take over from the thoughtful opening scenes and it’s hell-for-dazzling-leather until the end of the book.

To see a return of Cetebos, Voynix, and other creepy-crawlies was exciting and refreshing.

Ilion I, El Asedio

He does much of his writing at Windwalker—their mountain property and cabin at 8, feet of altitude at the base of the Continental Divide, just south of Rocky Mountain National Park. The gods have apparently mastered quantum physics; they teleport all over the place, among many other dazzling feats. My introduction to Ilium set my spider-sense a-tingling.

Is this list of body parts supposed to be arousing? Aliens, robots, and Gods of all sizes. Cherryh Hyperion by Dan Simmons Victor rated it it was amazing Jul 30, Ilium is a story told through essentially three unrelated viewpoints. Return to Book Page.