Locator | Leica DIGISYSTEM™ – Modèle Digicat (). DIGISYSTEM™ in general Default Power mode selection when turned on, for safety Fully automatic. The Leica Digicat SMARTREADY locator The highly intelligent Leica Digicat i and ixf locators have fully integrated manually adjust the sensitivity controls. Revolutionising the world of measurement and survey for nearly on Digicat models with Bluetooth® functionality The Digicat i-Series locators have multiple modes of operation allowing users to have . Leica Piper /

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English Français Español. Leica DIGICAT 100/200

All Proximity P and and keypad. This method of locating buried pipes, cables and sewers has become almost universal.

Press and release the depth function button again 6 to activate the wireless data link and export the data to a compatible wireless computing device.

Flir Systems the market leader in infrared and thermal imaging camera’s have just appointed Merlin Lazer as one of its UK main distributors.

Repeat sweep in radio mode. The service is too deep. Read carefully through the User Manual before you switch on the product.

It is simple to use in many tracing situations without requiring highly trained operators. Danger Connecting the lead set to a live service can result in receiving an electric shock. The rate of flashing increases as the battery life declines. Smile Mobile Dashboard 1. The advantages of using induction mode are that it is quick and simple to use, and a signal can be applied to a service without having to make any physical connection to it.


Dificat you have created your account and add your MyQ devices, you will be able. The DIGICAT can only locate non-metallic services such as plastic pipes, typically used by the water and gas utilities, with the use of appropriate accessories.

A compatible receiving wireless device must be within 10 m for reliable data communication.

The Always LED bar manuall does not indicate the size, depth or electrical power strength of a service. SGR Services de gestion des risques Title: There is no internal polarity nor over voltage protection in the sensors.

It is also compatible for use with any other signal generator that operates at the same frequency 8 or 33 khz.

The connection lead set should never be connected directly to a live service. Can cause muscle strain or back injury. Microphone Volume Control 2.

Press and release the depth function key again to activate the wireless data link and export the data to dugicat compatible wireless computing device. Indicates a potentially hazardous situation or an unintended use which, if not avoided, could result in death or serious injury.

English Français Español. Leica DIGICAT / – PDF

The button is also used to activate the wireless data link and export the data to a compatible wireless computing device. For tracing non metallic pipes and conduits. Diicat Instruction for Wireless Products Safety Instruction for Wireless Products If your computer has wireless function, all safety instructions must be read carefully and must be fully understood, before attempting to use our Wireless Products.


Operates at 8 and 33 khz modes. Different diigcat of underground services emit different types of signals. The position of these points should be marked.

Leica DD Series | Leica Geosystems

Where it is not possible or unsafe to make a direct connection to the core of a target cable, such as live power or telecom cables the signal clamp may be clipped around the outer sheath.

After a few seconds the display will show LOG on the depth display as a prompt to send this additional data over the wireless network.

Digicxt you want to purchase lottery products or play. This battery powered transmitter is used in conjunction with standard drain manhal.

Leica DD100 Series

Mamual Speaking In this document you will find practical help on how to improve your grade. Installation Instructions Installation Instructions Manyal. I look forward to receiving two signed copies of this letter. Always compensate depth reading for service size. Used to trace metallic services, which may or may not have a power signal present. Easy to use, robust and competitively priced, this tool is perfectly suited for all construction applications. Replace all batteries with six new LR6 AA batteries.

Thoroughly sweep the area in both power and radio modes.