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Standard [WITHDRAWN] DIN Office work place – Part 1: Space for the arrangement and use of office furniture; safety requirements. DIN – Amendments. This document has been replaced by:: DIN Relationship to other standards. This document references . DIN —1 Office work place — Part 1: Space for the arrangement and use of office furniture; safety requirements, testing (September ). BGI Office.

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Subgenus Oreosaura joining viviparous Tibetan xin Fig. The agamid genus Phrynocephalus Kaup,or toad-headed lizards, is one of the most speciose genera in its family. More information can be found on the following websites: An example of an overt reversal in body size occurs in P. This differs from P. Phrynocephalus of clade I mostly specialize for life on sandy habitats such as large, wind-blown dunes P.

pCon.planner, office space standards and the ZDF

Most notably, the placements of Megalochilus and Oreosaura differed in important ways. This group, which was until recently considered to be a widespread polytypic species P. Formation of local montane glaciers or permafrost areas during glacial maximums could have led to the retreat of Phrynocephalus to warmer refugia don by subsequent dispersals in warmer periods Melville et al.

Passage ways for personal workspace, or an area that is only used by one person, can have a width of 0. Different dn and rates of evolution for mt- and nuDNA may account for some observed topologic discrepancies.

Monophyly of Phrynocephalus received high support as did several species-groups: As the voice of the U. Walkways and areas in a two-person office. Values of AU-test for nuclear genes compatibility. This post should serve only as an overview for some of the basic concepts of office planning.


We tested if the mitochondrial genealogy of Solovyeva et al. This cin well with the mid-Miocene climatic transition—climate cooling that coincided with aridification and spreading of xerophytic plants across Mediterranean 4453-1 Paratethys Basins. Conrado Galdino conradopreto days ago. For ZDF, a large public-service television broadcaster in Germany, the assurance of such measures comes with the help of pCon.

Our analyses include psammophilous P. The distance surrounding a desk for movement or a comfortable office chair must also be sufficient For personally assigned space, users should have a distance of 1m.

Accordingly, our 4453-1 highlights the importance of Cenozoic paleogeographic and paleoclimatic events in the diversification of Palaearctic lizards.

The sampling comprises over four-fifths of the species cin covers the distribution of the genus. Several nodes in the mitochondrial tree appeared insufficiently resolved.

Only rin genera— XenagamaBufonicepsand Phrynocephalus —are strictly ground-dwelling, and this appears to be the derived condition. The basal radiation of Phrynocephalus happened around Unfortunately, we were unable to obtain nuDNA sequences from our sample of P. Two oviparous clades dispersed independently to lowland deserts of the Arabian Peninsula, Middle and Central Asia.

Various paleogeographic factors played major roles in the shifting of Central Eurasian climate Ramstein et al. Many of the European Commission guidelines and regulations are also based on the same German parameters. To account for topological uncertainty, the analysis was repeated based on a tree sample from the posterior distribution produced by BEAST. The phylogenetic position of this small-sized species, which inhabits clay or gravel deserts on the Iranian Plateau, remains unclear within clade I.


r, office space standards and the ZDF – pCon blog

However, biogeographic histories of many taxa, including those inhabiting Central Asia and the QTP, might require reconsideration due to conflicting hypotheses on geological and climatic history of the region Renner, After a temporary disruption, the landbridge has persisted continuously since 45431- mid-Miocene about 15 Ma Harzhauser et al. All simulations of the possible evolution of substrate niches in Phrynocephalus suggested that the most likely substrate type for the ancestor consisted of soft substrate, i.

Future genome-scale studies are likely to recover these relationships. Your Alert Profile lists the documents that will be monitored. Guido Dib Grimmiges days ago.

You may delete a document from your Alert Profile at any time. The nuDNA topology depicted three main clades Fig. It is the sister-taxon of lineages I—J P.

Statistically significant mito-nuclear discordance occurs likely due to hybridization and the introgression of mitogenomes.

Some species adapted to hard substrates also show an increase in body size, such as P. The matrices of the modern ddin areas were given in Table S6. Matthew Jackson PeerJ author. Our estimates best fit the results of Melville et al.