Create a parser:: parser = () Several optional arguments may be passed to modify the parser’s behavior. Please see. reStructuredText (RST, ReST, or reST) is a file format for textual data used primarily in the Python programming language community for technical documentation. It is part of the Docutils project of the Python Doc-SIG ( Documentation. RST is a file format formely created by Python community to write documentation (and so, is part of Docutils). RST files are simple text files with lightweight syntax.

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A backslash followed by any character except whitespace characters in non-URI contexts escapes that character. A pull-quote is a small selection of text “pulled out and quoted”, typically in a larger typeface. With two trailing underscores, the reference and target are both anonymous, and the target cannot be referred to again. This is a note admonition. The data may be internal an integral part of rsy document or external a separate rts.

Similarly, a lone second-level section title immediately after the “document title” can become the document subtitle. This allows hyperlink references to the element using text as reference name.

The reStructuredText plaintext markup language: The directive handler will then insert an error-level system message in the document at the place where the directive occurred. The “table” directive is used to associate a title with a table or specify options, e. Source code for docutils.


reStructuredText Markup Specification

Inline Internal Targets Doctree element: Some body elements contain further elements, such as lists containing list items, which in turn may contain paragraphs and other body elements. See Epigraph above for an analogous example. Body Elements Topic Directive Type: As a dictionary or glossary. Implicit hyperlink targets are generated by section titles, footnotes, and citations, and may also be generated by focutils constructs.

Blank lines are required between explicit markup blocks and other elements, but are optional between explicit markup blocks where unambiguous.

For example, the following text: For example, indentation is the sole markup indicator for block quotes: The image directive may be used both in substitution definitions and in the standalone context. Reference Names Simple reference names are single words consisting of alphanumerics plus isolated no two adjacent internal hyphens, underscores, periods, colons and plus signs; no whitespace or other characters are allowed.

Body elements and topics may not contain nested topics. The purpose of this proc is to mangle or filter paths. This is an initial implementation; further ideas may be implemented in the future. Docutios are identified through their titles, which are marked up with adornment: The “pull-quote” directive produces a “pull-quote”-class block quote.


Docutils adds a normalisation by downcasing and merge of consecutive hyphens. This is a simple substitution reference.

The escaped character represents the character itself, and is prevented from playing a role in any markup interpretation. In most use cases, inline literals or literal blocks are the rsg choice by default, this also selects a monospaced font. Highlights summarize the main points of a document or section, often consisting of a list.

Interpreted text is enclosed by single backquote characters: The last four symbols the card suits were added arbitrarily. All measures consist of a positive floating point number in standard non-scientific notation and a unit, possibly separated by one or more spaces.

Unlike an ordinary literal block, the “parsed-literal” directive constructs a literal block where the text is parsed for inline markup. For example, the following table contains a cell in row 2 spanning from column 2 to column 4: The interpretation of individual words in a multi-word field name is up to the application.