Dwellings of the Philosophers by Fulcanelli and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at What’s your problem with Fulcanelli and The Hairy Pootter saga? Can you explain a little bit more? Personnaly, I see not problem reading HP. “Dwellings of the Philosophers” (Les Demeures Philosophales) was the second and the last known work of Fulcanelli as first published in

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“The Dwellings of the Philosophers” by Fulcanelli

And so, contrary to philosophy which precedes facts, ensures the fulcanell of ideas, and their practical connection; theories, conceived after the fact and modified according to the results of experiments as new acquisitions are made, always reflect the uncertainty of provisional things, and give modern science a character to perpetual empiricism. Precisely the opposite occurs.

It pretends to give you everything back when it has kept everything, minus the weight, which is nothing since it comes from a cause independent of the body itself. The philosophers who wanted to transmit the exposition of their doctrine and the fruit of their labors to posterity took great care not to divulge the art by presenting it under a common form s that the layman could not misuse it.

Nevertheless, in spite of their errors —or rather because of them — it is they, the archemists, who provided first the spagyrists and later modern chemistry with the facts, methods, and operations they needed. It will be agreed that our chemist overestimated the value and extent of his knowledge. Lapidary humanity, silent and well-bred. Because, straying since od youth away from the simple path of nature through conclusions of logic and metaphysics, although ingenuous nature advances in a straight and very simple step in this path as in all the others”.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. However, by its very importance, this kind of chemistry is the most abstract and the most mysterious that exists. This literature probably exercised the human spirit more than it served it. In this manner, it conquered general favor and was encountered everywhere, firmly established at the different levels of the social ladder.


Madame Marie Curie — “Though it is true that culcanelli atomic transformations have been observed in radioactive bodies, the production of helium by these bodies you mention and which is perfectly correctwe can, on the other hand, affirm that no transformation of rhe simple body has yet been obtained by the effort of man or due to the devices imagined by him.

Who cares; there is our glory, the only one, by the way, which academic ignorance, proud of its gadgets: Pharamond was, it is said, the first King of France. What is the essence of this invisible and mysterious dynamism which animates substance?

The Dwellings of the Philosophers by Fulcanelli

dwellinge We confess that the description “of a sequence of calamities, disasters, and accumulated ruins over philosopherrs seems to us truly excessive. Here, a thought based on the dogma of unity summarizes all of philosophy: Victor Hugo 3citing the four best-known histories of France around — those of Dupleix, Mezeray, Fulcaelli, and Father Daniel — says of the latter that the author, “a Jesuit famous for his descriptions of battles, completed in 20 years a history which has no other merit than erudition and in which the Count of Boulainvilliers found no less than 10, errors”.

Today, although the unity of substance — basis of the doctrine taught since antiquity by all alchemists — is received and officially sanctioned, it does not seem that the idea of transmutation has followed the same progression. He stands next to two young people closely embracing. Furthermore, it matters little that so many seekers go astray, if they are sincere and if dwellinvs error itself leads them to useful acquisitions; errare humanum est, to err is human, says the old proverb and illusion often adorns itself with the diadem of truth.

The Dwellings of the Philosophers

A few years later, M. Is it because the wheelbarrow touches them closer, interests them more, is more familiar to them? This is what comes out of a curious document, on paper, handwritten by him in mystical style and which was found sewn in his garment at the time of his burial.


How can we acknowledge them an absolute value when we can only control them indirectly through indirect means? It is from their work that we have extracted our methods and our present theories; dwellinngs are the most precious result, but they were fulcannelli the origin”.

Edmar rated it it was amazing Feb 01, Fama-nux, the famous nut, and Jean de Sacrobosco 20 is especially thinking of the mysterious consecrated wood. In another treatise entitled Giphantie an anagram of Tiphaignehe philisophers describes the photographic process, and shows that he knew the chemical manipulations concerning the developing and fixing of the image one century before its discovery by Daguerre and Niepce de Saint-Victor.

It represents a seated woman working at the sewing machine in the center of a majestic S. But for now, the problem does not seem to be resolved”.

These round, vitreous and golden eyes are those of an owl with dull feathers, which stands next to the alligator, giant salamander, another important symbol of the practice. As our eyes become accustomed to the darkness, thousands of things emerge from the shadow, are revealed, and take on a precise shape.

Since death, corollary of life, is the direct consequence of birth, it follows that metals and minerals manifest their subjection to the law of predestination which rules all created beings. These famous theories, which were long evoked and opposed to hermetic conceptions, see their solidity strongly compromised today. Besides, the theoretical idea that our chemists are defending today belongs without dispute to the alchemists.

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