júl. oldal · ISBN: Fülszövegek 1Borítók 2 Új kiadás Új borító Új fülszöveg Új címke · Jennifer Probst: Eltervezett házasság. Question, Answer. dobni valalkit, to dump somebody. megkérni a kezét, to propose. szakítani valakivel, to split up. előre eltervezett házasság, pre-arranged . Jennifer Probst – Eltervezett ​házasság. Hamarosan ​érkezik a Milliárdosfeleségek sorozat utolsó része! Julietta szigorú, megközelíthetetlen üzletasszony.

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Jennifer Probst Relase Date: There is nothing more sexy than a hardworking, control freak, bad boy and sexy, that would be Caleb. But when he met Morgan she healed every broken part of his life and he did the same for her.

Cal was a home builder along with his three brothers and Morgan was best Interior Designer in the states. They were building a home for a client of Morgan’s. Together they all found each other. Siblings, mischievous dogs, an uptight designer and a touch of the Elterveaett Belle blend to create a story that will have you searching construction sites for a man like Caleb.

Oh yes, it is fun, funny, sexy and heartfelt with plenty of moments to enjoy. Caleb is the eldest brother in the Pierce family, expecting to have control of the family business after the hzasdg of his father.

Years of stress from dealing with a manipulative and difficult father should have ended.

Sejk felesége vagyok by Shukri, Laila on Apple Books

Instead the stipulations require him to bring his estranged brothers into the company to live and work together. On two fronts, Caleb expects nothing but walking on eggshells for the next while. Holding on to her proper is a habit, but she also never lets on the wltervezett or secret she keeps inside. Oh yes, there is a solid, knee shaking instant reaction to Caleb, and their control issues will bounce off one another far sooner and more often than their lips will connect.

One can only hope. Morgan is solidly female, strong, and intelligent and knows what she likes and wants. Narration for this story is provided by Sebastian York and Madeleine Maby. I adored the solid portrayals, as both added elements to the characters that felt intuitive and appropriate, never over emoting or letting the moment fall flat. Truly wonderful narration allowed those elements to shine and held my attention, giving everyone a voice and memorable place.


I received an audiobook copy of the title from Simon and Schuster Audio for purpose of honest review. Eltervexett was not compensated for this review: While this book is a standalone romance that focuses on the two main characters, Morgan and Caleb, it is also the book that completely sets the scene for the next books in the series.

It’s just so rich and filled with detail but done in a way that doesn’t bog you down. I loved this story of home-building and meshing two personalities together to create a life together from their own individual and very different lives. I absolutely CANNOT wait to read more in this series and am really looking forward to seeing where the Pierce brothers will take us next. Grab a fan for this elterveaett This book is HOT!

Like all Jennifer Probst novels, this was a fantastic read!

The story was a fun premise, especially eltervezeth you are a fan of HGTV, or sexy constructions workers! The characters are well developed and consistent, I had a whole myriad of feelings toward them.

Sejk felesége vagyok

Caleb and Morgan have an immediate, magnetic attraction. The sexual tension between these two was intense and when it finally explodes…oh boy. They also had ektervezett witty banter between them that was fun and sharp. By the end, I could see how they fit together like puzzle pieces. As individual characters, Cal is so easy to fall for. He is definitely full of layers. For the most part, he is a hard worker, responsible, and dedicated to their goal. But, as the story progresses, we peel back his layers right along with him.

Eltervezett házasság

Morgan was a tougher character for me to like. When I was on the cusp of forgiving her, Cal explains what she forced him to give up and even then, she admits, she would have still done it.

Just writing this review makes me a little mad at her all over again. That being said, she is definitely full of wit, humor, and dedication. She works hard, knows her stuff, and has a knack for knowing where to draw the lines between her and the workers. Despite her professional lack of empathy, she has great compassion and love for Cal and the people in his life.


Although the story is complete and there is no cliff hanger, there are hints at secrets that will keep you waiting for book two on the edge of your seat. Like other series, they will all be able to be read as a standalone, but I think after reading book 1, it would be very difficult not to read the rest of the books! This is book one of a brand new series and it is a great beginning!

This is not just a love story, it is also a story about family. I think one reason I loved it so much is because it touches on so many real-life problems that people face. It shows how people can grow within themselves and deal with these issues that face them, making them better people along the way. On the romance side, I love this couple! Caleb and Morgan are perfect for each other. I loved how she fit right in with Caleb and his brothers, even when the brothers couldn’t get along with each other.

The characters in this series are all very interesting and I find myself anxiously awaiting future books so that I can delve more deeply into these characters.

Five stars for this new series! Three brothers, a determined lady, a couple dogs and one almost impossible goal. A new light, fun, hzawsg read with some mild angst from Jennifer. Caleb is bull headed, eltervrzett willed and determined.

Eltervezett házasság by Jennifer Probst on Apple Books

But Morgan has a stronger will and more determination. She is a thorn in Caleb’s elteevezett from her silvery blond hair all the way down to her pink work boots.

She is a southern belle who is not afraid to get dirty and the one thing that Caleb just doesn’t want to resist. Sexual tension mounts and you get a really great read. These three brothers are smoldering hot and I can’t wait to see what the other books have in store for us.

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