En busca de Spinoza: neurobiología de la emoción y los sentimientos (Imago Mundi) | Antonio R. Damasio, Joandomènec Ros | ISBN: Find En Busca De Spinoza by Antonio, Damasio at Biblio. Uncommonly good collectible and rare books from uncommonly good booksellers. Looking for Spinoza has ratings and reviews. In Looking for Spinoza: Joy, Sorrow, and the Feeling Brain Antonio Damasio uses neurological and.

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I liked his style of writing, was entertained with his fascination with Spinoza, and inspired by buxca passion for neuroscience. Looking for Spinoza is essentially two books wishing it could be one. His current work involves the social emotions, decision neuroscience and creativity. It does cast a light on free will, or lack thereof, too.

Por ter sido e por termos acontecido. I would have liked to see a bit more speculation at the end of the book regarding possible implications of this idea.

But feelings, according to Damasio, are our conscious perceptions of our bodily states as we are having emotions. Damasio spknoza a lot to say about emotions and the structure of the brain, some of it exhaustingly deta Inspired by Descartes’ Errorand interested in a neurologist’s interest in philosophers, I sought out Busfa for Spinoza.

However, if I’m wrong in this, if Damasio has an errant view of philosphy, the book is not diminished by this; it remains equally useful to read a tract with a faulty viewpoint, as long as we, the readers, use it as grist for critical thinking.


Nauwelijks MRI scans in dit boek, maar veel Spinoza. Sep 09, Niklas rated it liked it.

En Busca De Spinoza by Antonio, Damasio

The person will still avoid the particular stimulus without giving much thought as to why. Connosco e com os que amamos. The low point came with the rather absurd statement that placing self-preservation and it’s biological mechanisms at the center of human ethical systems was in no way problematic, as if that hadn’t been the ostensible justification for a horde of repugnant choices, national efforts and reform programs throughout history.

But for Damasio, it seems, an emotion is represented in the brain only in certain specific regions, and may or may not appear in consciousness. Spinoza was a Portuguese Jew whose family fled the inquisition for a relatively tolerant Holland. But what does that mean for us humans? Jan 28, Dragos C Butuzea rated it really liked it. Dsmasio was right about all this, against Descartes, among others. De todos modos, felicitaciones por la destreza damsio y el esfuerzo intelectual.

Os mecanismos, permanecem, no entanto, semi obscuros. Neuroscience-wise, there were new things for me and but especially the latter part of the book, the semi-biographical account of Spinoza was completely unknown to me beforehand. Offered it to several friends. I wish Damasio had been clearer in this book about his distinction between emotions and feelings. We can describe neural patterns-with the tools of neuroanatomy, neurophysiology, and neuro- chemistry-and we can describe images with the tools of introspection.

I Antonio Damasio successfully connects the most recent discoveries of neuroscience with the conclusions Spinoza reached in his study, almost years ago.


I found this book to be interesting, applicable to clinical psychology, and, for the most part, easy to read. No puede tampoco decirse que Spinoza haya sido una persona que haya fn avanzando por la vida teniendo en cuenta las normas de su tiempo. For example, if the brain is built up from emotions to feelings to rational logic, and just as feelings are a more complicated e Not an easy book to go through.

He was born into a moderately prosperous Jewish family, but eventually renounced both his material and religious heritage. Then at one point in the book he almost implies that cells themselves are conscious.

En Busca De Spinoza

I may have various sensations in my body that express this emotion — say, lightness in my limbs and a warm feeling spinozza my viscera. I loved this book. He has given good accounts of this subject in two previous books: Oct 31, Ari Landa rated it really liked it.

Never thought I would understand feelings. This was far too much Nietzsche in sheeps clothing and far too little virtue. Xe he was reclusive, yet congenial with others in his limited social sphere.

Nov 12, Stephen rated it it was ok.