The ENSONIQ serial number label must appear on the outside of the Unit or tho ENSONIQ warranty is void. •ENSONIQ, ESQ 1, Mirage and MASOS are. Ensoniq ESQ-1 () Synthesizer 61 keys: 8 voices, short spectral PCM wavetable and analog filters. Listen to audio demos manual, demo, video, comments. As with every ENSONIQ product, all ESQ-1 service will be handled through the ENSONIQ The ESQ-1 Service manual is divided into four different sections and .

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As the name implies this parameter makes TIME 1, the Envelope attack time, respond to keyboard velocity. Three other conditions must be met: Only those with a Name can be selected.

ENSONIQ ESQ-1 Musician’s Manual

In addition, the eighty-character fluorescent Display shows the names of ten programs at a time, making it easy to quickly scroll through all the sounds, to find the one you want. The ESQ-1 is a “hybrid synthesizer” in that it has digital oscillators, but analog filters. And so on, until you have one Track playing esq–1 external instrument.

There are 40 preset sounds which are the usual not-so-great sounds. Your new Sound, and its new Name should be just where you left them.

And so on, for as many devices as you will be using. The selected Sequence will begin to play. When you Quantize a Track, each note recorded on the Track will be moved to the nearest beat ot the selected value – it will be moved ahead or back in time, depending on which beat it is closer to. It is a good idea to get in the habit of doing this each time you Record a Track.


When you press Song, the Display shows: Page enables Pressure to be received, as well as determining which type will be received – Key or Channel Pressure, See emsoniq, If an Envelope or other Modulator doesn’t seem to be having any effect, check that the other Modulators and manual settings are at appropriate levels. Not all “Soft” buttons are active on all Pages. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Create an account or sign in to leave a review You need to be a member in order to leave a review Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.

Nothing will be recorded until you play a note or press the Sequencer Foot Switch. Known bugs in Version 2. The end address is determined by the data that was retrieved in the I. Each step here is about 3 Cents hundredths of a maanual. The advantage of this approach is that some Drum Machines respond to Velocity when played from MIDI, but not when played from their own front panels.

Different Waveforms contain different amounts of fundamental energy, so the effect will vary, a conservative rule of thumb for Oscillator Volume is as follows: Try selecting and playing a few different sounds Notice that when you select a Program, its name Is underlined. It is useful with lead-type sounds where chords are not necessary or desirable With MONO mode ON, only one note can be played at a time.

This puts you back in the Edit Buffer, and any changes you make will affect the Edit Program. Pressing the Up and Down Arrow buttons will increase or decrease the value one step at a time. The Modulation amount can be positive or negative. You will find that this allows you quickly lo define the configuration of a new Track, by first selecting a defined Track with a ess-1 setup, then selecting an UNUSED Track and changing only the settings you want to be different for the new Track. Or simply make it the es-q1 one in the chain.


Ensoniq Corporation – ESQ-1 – Musician’s Manual

It sets the amount by which majual location of a note on the keyboard will modulate the Filter Cutoff Frequency This is comparable to the Keyboard Control Voltage of most Analog synths. Sign In Sign Up.

If you like the results of the changes you have eeq-1 to a Program, you should rename it and save the new Program permanently, to another Location, The procedure lor this is covered in Section 3. Remember that all recording will be done on the selected Track. This control will add a random element to the LFO Frequency, making the effect less “mechanicarsounding.

You cannot modulate an Oscillator’s Ensomiq Level lower than Zero silence. Since LI can have a higher value than L2, the Ramp can actually be a decreasing one, causing the effect of the LFO to diminish, or disappear, over the time the key is held down. Turning the unit off and on again cures the problem. The Note is gone. Your ears are the only valid judge ot what works.