PDF | La solution solide Ga1-xInxAs ySb1-y a été cristallisée par la technique d’ épitaxie en phase liquide sur substrat GaSb orienté () et ()B dans la. Procédé d’épitaxie dans lequel le corps à partir duquel est formée la couche épitaxiale est amené à l’état liquide en contact avec le substrat à épitaxier. Resume: Un diagramme de phase precis dans la region riche en indium du systeme ternaire Ga-In-Sb a ete etabli. Les points du liquidus ont ete obtenus par .

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Indium oxide thin films were grown by pulsed electron beam deposition method at C on c-cut sapphire and oriented LaAlO3 single crystal liwuide in oxygen or argon gas. Amorphous, polycrystalline or epitaxial gallium oxide films can be obtained depending upon the oxygen pressure during the growth in the C temperature range. Some electrical measurements were reported.

En ajustant certains parametres thermodynamiques, l’accord obtenu avec les phas experimentaux est excellent cote indium du diagramme ternaire. Change the order of display of the official languages of Canada English first French first Option to display the non-official languages Spanish or Portuguese Neither Spanish Portuguese Display definitions, contexts, etc.

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Des couches de GaxIn1-xSb de 0 x 0,92 ont ete epitaxiees sur substrats d’InSb orientes dans la gamme de temperatures C. The sublimated species are condensed on mica substrate at 1C. These data, added to the literature results, have permitted to get a quite complete view of the growth scenario in very off-critical phase-separating liquids.


Abstract An accurate ternary phase diagram in the In rich region of the Ga-In-Sb system has been established. Paris 22, Toward a complete description of nucleation and growth in liquid-liquid phase separation J. We have made light attenuation experiments to investigate the sedimentation in such systems.

Periodically-poled ferroelectric crystals show unprecedented efficiency and properties otherwise impossible to obtain. Growth pgase oriented crystalline solid film from a liquid in contact with an underlying substrate in a heated chamber. Wednesday, December 12, – 3: Epitaxial growth of gold on mica in an ultra-high vacuum H. The study proposes different characterization of the films obtained by this process AFM, optical profilometry and 4 probe measurement.

Single crystalline nanorods are grown in epitaxy on the mica surface with a growth axis along directions and plane parallel to the substrate.

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Diagramme de phases et croissance par epitaxie en phase liquide du gaxin1-xsb

Bulk ppktp by crystal growth from high temperature solution C. PACS – Phase equilibria, phase transitions, and critical points. It opens attractive opportunities for the integration of nanocrystals in planar devices. Relaxation times which are needed to reach steady-state conditions with respect to the concentration difference between the growing and solving interface in the case of a start or sudden stop of the heater motion can be obtained. Epitaxial growth of gallium oxide films on c-cut sapphire substrate.


Epitaxial growth of gallium oxide films on c-cut sapphire substrate W. The kinetics is characterized by using a specially-dedicated furnace and by considering laser annealing. The liquidus data were obtained from DTA measurements on samples of predetermined composition.

FAQ Frequently asked questions Display options. The second produces foils of monocrystalline wn by liquid phase epitaxial growth on implanted silicon substrate. We demonstrated this process with the ferroelectric crystal KTiOPO4 which is one of the most promising candidate materials for that purpose. The phase separation mechanism of a binary liquid llquide off-critically quenched in its miscibility gap is nucleation and growth, its homogeneous phase reaching a metastable equilibrium state.

The nature of the crystalline phase present in gallium oxide films grown by pulsed-laser deposition on c-cut sapphire substrate has been studied.

The effect of adsorbed gas on the growth of gold films on mica at epitaxial temperatures is investigated by comparing the growths on air exposed and vacuum cleaved mica surfaces. Homogeneity and other layer characteristics were examined. The first process allows to produce films of epitaxoe on sapphire and films of silicon on glass by considering a laser annealing.