The New F V3 Does It All. And Looks Darn Good Doing It.” cf reinforcement of the tail section for anything other than depron as you may. F Depron 6mm By Paul K. RC F Stealth Fighter with PDF PLANS A Scratch Built Park Jet – Duration: 8: Depron Stealth F Night Hawk Foamie.

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This is a good plane for first time Foamboard builders and beginner Flyers because of its easy build and rock solid flight characteristics. Note this plane if built should only be hand launched at fepron half to three quarter throttle.

JettaManDanNov 2, Anyhow if I get to fly the v1 F, maybe I will build v2, simply because its larger, and what is larger, is always betteranybody agrees with me on this?!

You must log in or sign up to reply here. Personally I edpron like to see also the F35 easybuild v2 maybe with full fuse, although I know that this would mean less air for the prop unless it is not “ducted prop”.

I don’t have any 30″x48″ depron so I rearranged the parts to fit on 2- 27″x39″ sheets.

RCPowers F V2 |

F1wanabeNov 2, No more on the v3! JettaManDanJul 16, Here are some Examples: Free to download, just click on the link! Any reviews by anyone who has built one yet?


Paul Petty Depon Description: There are many double 45 degree bevel cuts required to produce the multi-faceted fuselage. Recommended all hobbyists with Basic to Dwpron foam building skills.

You caught that huh, the build steps in the middle. However, I would recommend cf reinforcement of the tail section for anything other than depron as you may see in pics, I reinforced with 3m extreme tape.

Will this new model be OK for this power setup or do I go with the older smaller F? No vtails for now.

Share This Page Tweet. I used the mjv3 with the v2 and was happy. Enjoy those while they last, ddepron was actually a prototype that ended up being cut at the last few weeks. May glass the whole thing with silk span and polycrylic.

F-117 V3: The “Best Looking”

F1wanabeJul deproj, Mad Thrust 50mm ESC: This plane is a great Flyer for pilots of all skills with a smaller slower motor set up or for Advance Pilots who love speed with the bigger, faster motor setups.

The side arm toss does feel a little weird in the beginning but once you get used to it, it is really easy.


Quick question regarding the vertical stabilizers. Yes the instruction is a little diffrent to the Buildplan.

By far the most eye catching of the models The small size and wing shape can make it apt to having torque roll at launch. It is a super agile plane and can turn on a dime, but at the same time has rock solid flight characteristics. If work permits I hope to have one together for my clubs fly-in this weekend.

Looking for your store account? With the motor used by rcFoamFighters the plane has reached speeds of over miles per hour.

Blog – rcFoamFighters

I say finish v1 AND start v2. It is based on the above formula. This plane is a scaled up version of the FF-Novajet. I am overwhelmed, these planes are just simply fantastic!! Nice work, thanks for sharing. I have my v1 built since 3 deprob but never managed to fly it I know its my handlaunch the deron, I think I’m just afraid to toss it from the side Paul Petty June Description: