In her dazzling romantic suspense debut, USA Today bestselling author Suzanne Enoch brings us a thrilling tale about a thief who needs to prove she’s no murd. With this grin-on-your-face, hair-streaming-in-the-wind joyride of a novel, Enoch ( England’s Perfect Hero) takes a confident leap from historical. Playing With Fire Will Get A Girl burned The Palm Beach job should have been a slam dunk for thief extraordinaire Samantha Jellicoe: relieve a British.

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Instead of completing the job, a bomb goes off, a guard is killed and she saves the sexy and very present owner. Return to Book Page. Samantha Jellicoe is a thief and proud of it. Keeping the handsome, billionaire owner alive and getting out without getting caught is her first priority, however, it isn’t until she discovers her life is in serious suzane later that she is forced to take action.

After all, Sam is really cute. You’re seeing it at its best” lol! I found him to be charming, and even though she was a runner, she acted pretty maturely and didn’t do a bunch of stupid things that always seem to happen in books like this.

Il romanzo si legge con piacere, ma manca un po’ di mordente. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Aug 02, Caroline rated it suzannf was amazing.

In fact, the premise of asking the man you were trying to rob to assist you in clearing dangwr name as a murderer is ridiculous. To be fair, I haven’t read many books belonging to the genre, but that’s because suzannne few attempts I’ve made have been a total disaster. I really enjoyed the plot trying to figure out who set up Sam and why and seeing Sam and Rick learning to work together and not knowing whether they can trust each other.


Re-reading the series again in preparation witb the new installment.

A strong and sassy heroine. Robb’s In Death series.

When she tries to complete her plan; however, a bomb is set off, causing the death of a guard. I thought you were talking to her. Quick, light read overall. Not saying that’s bad but not what you want from a romantic suspense novel either. Got a bit worried at first as I started down at the cheesy purple cover but after see that 2 of my GR friends had given this a 5 and a recommendation,I buckled up and just decided to get through with it.

Not a difference to me.

Flirting With Danger (Samantha Jellicoe, book 1) by Suzanne Enoch

She thought things through and usually made decent decisions. Sam, a highly skilled thief, breaks into billionaire Richard Addison’s mansion to steal a piece from his art collection, but she ends up saving his life when she finds a bomb has been set up in his hallway.

She wrote a total of 29 books for Avon, including two anthologies and a five-part contemporary series which received a pair of starred reviews from Publishers Weekly. I know you gave them a description of me, because I heard it on the news.

The guy’s name is Rick and her name is Samantha.

Jan 01, Fran rated it really liked it Shelves: Let me fix you another steak, Miss Jellicoe, and I’ll instruct my people to draw you a bath and make up the bedroom suite in the guest wing. Everybody needs some inspiration, after all.

I did enjoy the detail of the break-in cat burglar stuff, the main character was a bit too much of being perfect and having every thing in the world drop in her lap perfectly. A photo meant you were labeled and remembered and recalled at convenience.


Even if Samantha smelled like raspberries naturally, that’s just weird. Want to Read saving…. I kept thinking about the similarities to Eve and Roarke and it got in the way of enjoying this more. That made me laugh out loud.

And if she thinks she can hide from him, she better think again. As for the male protagonist, I’ve read so many books that feature this model of a wealthy male that it’s getting rather bland. I am looking forward to reading more in this series.

Lists with Rlirting Book. Even though she was robbing his house. Palm Beach, Florida United States. It’s just not fair! I wanted more details and motives about the multiple murders. In her dazzling romantic suspense debut, USA Today bestselling author Suzanne Enoch brings us a thrilling tale about a thief who needs to prove she’s no murderer and the millionaire who loves her.

Regency Romance Author Suzanne Enoch

The situation turns deadly when Sam enocch a trip wire and crashes into Richard Addison, saving him from a bomb explosion. I gobbled it up like candy, and as soon as I finish this review I’m off to read book 2. Flirting With Danger Samantha Jellicoe: Her father must be spinning in his grave right now. I absolutely adored her.

Flirting With Danger

Proving she is a genuine force to be reckoned with, historical author Enoch kicks butt with her amazing romantic suspense debut. So, Flirting with Danger. Rich guy, badass girl, except this girl is a cat burglar.