Florina PÎNZARU. National School of [email protected] Abstract Manual de marketing: principii clasice si practici actuale eficiente, Florina Pinzaru. National AG Andrei, A Zait, EM Vătămănescu, F Pînzaru Manual de marketing: principii clasice şi practici actuale eficiente. F Pînzaru. Florina Pinzaru CV Hapenciuc, F Pînzaru, EM Vatamanescu, P Stanciu Manual de marketing: principii clasice şi practici actuale eficiente. F Pînzaru.

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Information Systems Management 34 3, Management Research and Practice 4 2 marekting, The focus is set on the relationships between management, finance and ethics.

Business Administration Management Marketing Economics. Dec 29, Publication Name: The distinction between identity and bond refers to Knowledge Development through the Internet more. Knowledge Management and Higher Education Management.

Economic Instruments of Political Europe more. Therefore, knowledge management is at home in universities. MarketingSociology and Economicsand Internet. But market competition had always had an intangible dimension due to the Academic literature, both socio-human and economic profile, approached pretty much the subject of the city brand, usually in the broader context of analysis concerning national and local brands.

Florina Pinzaru Manual de MRKT 1

Therefore knowledge management should be at the core of managerial practices and strategies. Help Center Find new research papers in: An Insight into Romanian Start-Ups more. This “Cited by” count includes citations to the following articles in Scholar. This volume comprises the full proceedings of the second edition of the Strategica International Conference, held in Bucharest, Romania, on October This paper highlights that even if some interest has been given to the new developments in marketing, the theoretical foundations fflorina still weak but the efforts go towards including the relationship concept in the marketing paradigm.


The fifth edition of the Strategica International Conference, organized by the Faculty of Management from the Maeketing University of Political Studies and Public Administration in Romania SNSPA in partnership with the National Bank of Romania and in cooperation, sincewith the International Association of Knowledge Management, focuses in September on the dynamics of the contemporary economy influenced by technological development and digital revolution.

The emphasis was laid on European steel pipe SMEs, whose managers responded to a item questionnaire regarding their market strategies and experiences. Management Dynamics markfting the Knowledge Economy 4 2, Management Dynamics in the Knowledge Economy Journal.

Florina Pinzaru | Scoala Nationala de Studii Politice si Administrative –

Information Systems Management 34 3, Marketing and Sustainable Development. Despite this, the literature in the field of knowledge management does not pay much attention to specific strategies and processes in higher education, except when considering partnerships with companies, or referring to the developments in learning processes generated by the new technologies.

The main concentration in relationship marketing strategies is on customers and business partners. Title Cited by Year Millennials at work: The floina presents the modality of fixing the central parity and the experience of participating in ERM II for a number of member states that joined the Euro zone after Management Dynamics in the Knowledge Economy 1 2, Converging sustainable entrepreneurship and the contemporary marketing practices.

Against this backdrop, the present paper aims to investigate the correlations between sustainable entrepreneurship and the marketing types articulated by the Contemporary Marketing Practices CMP research program, relying on a questionnaire-based survey conducted janual start-up entrepreneurs in Romania.

Apr 20, Conference Start Date: Even if applying relationship marketing could prove to be limited clorina some organizations, the mraketing trends ask for a reevaluation of marketing approaches towards a business philosophy based on networks of relationships.


As an overview, the conference papers are interdis-ciplinary and aim at exploring the shifts in management, as well as the relevance of ethics, values and standards at individualinstitutional and social levels in the world of finance and business, considering both the macro-level and the micro-level approaches.

Students mznual to favour the Internet and to integrate it in their studies and research, in order to increase their knowledge, not just to The present paper aims to briefly present the models used by the countries that joined the Euro zone afterin fixing the central parity and the evolution of the local currency towards Euro, when participating in Exchange Rate Mechanism II ERM II. Review of International Comparative Management.

Get my own profile Cited by All Since Citations h-index 8 8 iindex 5 5. Over the past years, the issue of sustainable entrepreneurship has coagulated multiple research interests due to the fact that it integrates three main pillars, namely human resource management people and the concerns for planet protection and for the economic effectiveness sustained by profit.

Management Dynamics in the Knowledge Economy 2 1, Articles 1—20 Show more. A Comparative Analysis within a Triad Framework: Location Bucharest, Bucuresti, Romania. Log In Sign Up.

This study aims at offering a model of efficient internal marketing specific to multicultural organizations. Starting from this premise, the paper intends to analyze the business internationalization versus business globalization perspectives assumed by managers of SMEs at present.