Fior di Battaglia: MS Ludwig XV 13 – J. Paul Getty Museum Fior di Battaglia: M. – Pierpoint Morgan Library Flos Duellatorum: Pisani-Dossi MS -Private. The Flower of Battle (Flos Duellatorum in Latin or Fior di Battaglia in Italian) XV 13; Morgan Library M; a copy privately held by the Pisani-Dossi family; and. Aug 16, Flos Duellatorum (“The Flower of Battle”, Pisani-Dossi MS) is an Italian fencing manual authored by Fiore de’i Liberi and dated 10 February

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Look at them I pray to you, and therefore with the sword of one hand I will make my art. He stated that he had been training and fighting for more than 40 years 8and given the timing when he started writing the treatise on 10 February, and the assumption that he started training and fencing at the age of 10 years, would make Fiore somewhere around sixty years of age at the time of writing the treatise.

This version of Fiore’s treatise is the so-called ‘Novati’ edition and is one of only three surviving versions of his work. Latin lost any dedication it might have had along with its prologue. Based on Fiore’s autobiographical account, he can tentatively be placed in Perosa Perugia in when Piero del Verde likely fought a duel with Pietro della Corona Peter Kornwald.

Despite the significant impact Fiore’s treatise has had on the modern reconstruction of historical fighting arts, in particular, armizare 1very little is known of the man who bore the name Fiore dei Liberi. And with this pass I cover beating the sword and I find you uncovered and of striking you I will be cer- tain. Baldassaro, both on horseback, received six thrusts from Lanzilotto’s lance. Continuing on with the Getty’s text accompanying the same figures in its version, it reads as:.

It is among the most complete presentations from the period of an integrated combat method of armed and unarmed, armored and unarmored, foot and mounted combat. The known provenance of the Mss.

And if a spear or sword is thrown at me, I will beat them all like I have said passing out of the way. The examination of the Morgan’s version, as compared to the Getty’s will reveal that the Morgan’s text is near word-for-word similar to the Gettys’, however, the organization of the Morgan’s is completely different from the Getty’s in that it begins with a section on combats on horseback with lances, whereas, the Getty’s begins with abrazare or grappling.


See Malipiero, p Florius de arte luctandiBnF Ms. Navigation menu Personal tools English Log in Request account. There is nothing in the prologue which may indicate that Fiore was a member of the Marquis’s court and given Fiore was a reputable and notable swordsman, Nicolo’s library was enhanced with the addition of Fiore’s treatise which he started writing on February 10, and completed the treatise some six months later.

Very little is known of the master swordsman “Fiore dei Liberi da Premmariacco” except what he describes of himself in his prologue. The contents and current whereabouts of these copies of the Flower of Battle are unknown. Fior di Battaglia MS M. Perhaps Nicolo had the desire to become or at least be perceived as a master, given that Fiore states in the prologue that no man has a great enough memory to remember the complete art without the aid of such a book.

Double-sided; four illustrations per page, with text above each. Perhaps other projects took precedence and the Morgan’s version was left as an incomplete manuscript. Fiore dei Liberi da Premariacco e i ludi e le fest marziali in Friuli. This is the current configuration of the manuscript; for a speculative reconstruction of its original state, see Fior di Battaglia MS M. Fiore wrote that he trained under different masters in different provinces at great personal expense, implying that he was able to draw upon family resources indicating some level of financial stamina in the least, indicative of a modest noble family.

You have wicked desires and of this art know little, you especially do things that have no place in words, come one by one who knows how to do it and even if you were one hundred I will ruin you all because of this guard that is therefore good and strong.

Flos Duellatorum

Retrieved from ” https: Medieval Italian Renaissance Latin. The dyellatorum contained within survives in the form of a facsimile by the Italian historian Francesco Novati. Unlike Fiore’s other works, this manuscript is written entirely in Latin; its descriptions are cast in couplets and quatrains similar to the Pisani Dossi Ms.

Novati the original now lost is partially in Latin verse and often called the Flos Duellatorium in Armisor roughly “The Best of the Duelists. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Duellstorum work is desperately in need of a credible translation and sound interpretation that compares all versions within the context of what is known about martial techniques and arms and armor from the era. At this point, Boucicaut reached for his poleaxe but the lords intervened to end the duel.


Francesco Novati and D. The Pisani Dossi Ms. It is a figure of a man, divided by seven swords centered on the body, representing the poste or guard positions.

The language has some differences, and may be attributed to differences in the “dialect”, hence the slight differences in the language. Based on the allegiances of the nobles that he trained in the s, he seems to have been associated with floa ducal court of Milan in the latter part of his career.

Combined with other manuals and German Fecthbucher vlos provides a firm groundwork for understanding authentic fighting from the era skills. DiplomatFencing masterMercenary. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Given that he appears in council records five times init would be quite odd for him to be completely unmentioned over the subsequent five years, [8] and since his absence after May coincides with a proclamation in July of that year demanding that Udine cease hostilities or face harsh duelatorum, it seems more likely that he moved on.

Fiore dei Liberi – Wikipedia

Digital scans x Digital scans details. The Man Despite the significant impact Fiore’s treatise has had on the modern reconstruction of historical fighting arts, in particular, armizare 1very little is known of the man who bore the name Fiore dei Liberi.

This debate continues with vigour in the historical community and further discussion or research on this particular subject is outside the scope of this paper.

Duellatprum 12 November The manuscript dated to was considered lost, and is now known to be kept in a private collection. Novati described it as a small, thin, vellum folio, pen and ink with gold highlights, and illustrations of sword and lance combat on foot and horseback.

They continued to fight in the barriers, all occuring in Imola.

Fior di Battaglia (MS M.383)

File upload Batch upload. Galeazzo made the challenge when Boucicaut called into question the valor of Italians at the royal court of France, and the duel was ultimately set for Padua on 15 August. Dulelatorum Lovett and Mark Lancaster with additional proof reading and corrections by: Journal of Western Martial Art, http: