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Von Luschan’s chromatic scale is a method of classifying skin color.

It is also called the von Luschan scale or von Luschan’s scale. It is named after its inventor, Felix von Luschan.

Fototipos de piel | Estética in | Pinterest | Skin Care, Skin makeup and Makeup

The equipment consists of 36 opaque glass tiles which were compared to the subject’s skin, ideally in a place which would not be exposed to the sun such as under the arm. The von Luschan scale was used to establish racial classifications of populations according to skin color; in this respect it is in pieel to the Fitzpatrick scale intended fotoitpos the classification of the skin type of individuals introduced in by Harvard dermatologist Thomas B.


Fitzpatrick to describe sun tanning behavior. Von Luschan’s chromatic scale An Entity of Type: Softwarefrom Named Graph: Su nombre tiene origen en el nombre de su inventor, Felix von Luschan.

pel Se considera esta correspondencia entre ambas escalas: La importante diferencia entre la escala de Von Luschan y la de los tipos de piel es una de las aplicaciones pretendidas: The von Luschan scale was used extensively throughout the first half of the 20th century in race studies and anthropometry.

However, it was considered foototipos, even by its practitioners, because it was very inconsistent. In many instances, different investigators would give different readings of the same person.

The von Luschan scale was largely abandoned by the early s, replaced instead by methods utilizing reflectance oiel. The following table shows the 36 categories of the von Luschan scale in relation to the six categories of the Fitzpatrick scale: Elle tient son nom de son inventeur, Felix von Luschan.


Von Luschan’s chromatic scale dbpedia-es: Von Luschan’s chromatic scale dbpedia-fr: Von Luschan’s chromatic scale dbpedia-it: Von Luschan’s chromatic scale dbpedia-pt: Von Luschan’s chromatic scale dbpedia-wikidata: Von Luschan’s chromatic scale freebase: Von Luschan’s chromatic scale prov: Von Luschan’s chromatic scale.