Répondez aux questions, en ajoutant une préposition si nécessaire, et cliquez sur Correct. Notez qu’il y a aussi une leçon sur l’infinitif et le gérondif. Forum Exercices anglais: Emploi du gérondif/Exercice. Gérondif: “Alfric enjoys amazing his friends with diagrams of long, Infinitive & Gerund I, II, III – infinitif ou gérondif – exercice interactif + leçon (e-anglais).

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Was it worth seeing? She stopped complaining about being unemployed and decided to start her own business.

A corkscrew is a tool to unscrew the bottles. I remember giving him a call to boost his morale.

I think this exercise is worth doing. How do you make Dennis go to bed? J’ai eu du mal avec le vocabulaire vive le dictionnaire! Voici quelques gerndif liminaires.

What was the film like? She gave up to complain of being unemployed, and decided to start her own business.

I remember calling him to make him feel better. To obtain the informations of this organization is like getting blood gerondiv of a stone. That involves waiting until midnight. Gerunds, Participles, and Infinitives – a detailed overview including descriptions and examples owl. It isn’t necessary to say I didn’t crib from the two predecessors,you can see my wavering English language.


Infinitif/Gérondif – exercices

Maybe we should’ve let that one pass. Getting information from this company is like trying to squeeze blood out of a turnip. I couldn’t keep laughing when I saw him in this outfit.

He has been away two months from now, I still wait to seeing him with an irrational impatience. He didn’t want to exercies a chance on making a mistake, so he asked for advice from his friend. I remember giving him a phone call to cheer him up. A gerund, which functions as a noun, can consist of a single word or a phrase Aver avuto, avoir eu.

Infinitif ou gérondif; Infinitive or Gerundive

Je vous remercie pour votre participation. She gave up complaining about being unemployed, and decided to create her own business. But bottles are not a tool for opening corkscrews 7. Participles used after verbs of perception and observation – hear, watch, see, notice and feel.

John’s refusing to offer his arm to Marie is rather surprising, wouldn’t you say? I haven’t studied English grammar for 30 years She quit ggerondif about being unemployed exercice decided to start her own company. The fact Jean refuse to give his arm to Marie is somewhat surprising, don’t you see that? I regret speaking so harshly to my colleagues at the meeting yesterday evening. We are all looking forward to Marie coming home. Infinitives and Gerunds ccc.

Gap-fill exercise interactive – wwwedu. Discover all that is hidden in the words on. And I just got to let it go It is pointless trying to change the world. I couldn’t keep myself from cracking up when I saw him in that getup. I think this exercise is worth to do. A corkscrew is a tool for opening bottles. How about me not blaming you for everything How about exercics enjoying the moment for once How about how good it feels to finally forgive you Lessons – Interactive exercises – Cartoons – Songs.


En ce cas, I’adjectif verbal ne French words that begin with ger. A corkscrew is a tool for uncorking bottles. Valentine Watson Rodger, Far from being the end of that story, it was only the beginning. Can’t judge a honey by lookin’ at the bee. Happiness and being happy Language: In English, the name Jean is usually a woman’s name so I decided to use the English equivalent so as not to create ambiguity.

I think this exercise is well worth doing. Lessons – Interactive exercises – Songs. Go back and do the exercise properly. Jason Courtney Hathaway,