Repost from ASAPoffical! Handog namin ang isa pang ASAP GIVES BACK special presentation w/ a musical performance from Jolina, Angeline, Morissette,. . Ngayong Araw ng Kagitingan, handog namin ang parangal sa mga beteranong Pilipinong nagsakripisyo para sa bayan. #ArawNgKagitingan Halina’t makisaya sa treats na handog namin para sa inyo dito sa pinakabagong World of Fun sa SM Legazpi. #WOF30YearsNa #WorldOfFun.

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Originally Posted by AngMiron For a group that practices mandatory tithing and has very little to show for it except churches, one hospital, one university with three or four branches, one arena, one nzmin center, and one stadium, I find this really cheeky.


Pasensiyahan mo na yung ibang INC members ha kung masyadong natutuwa sa mga maliiit na accomplishments ng INC kasi alam mo naman wala pa kaming years kaya isang university at hospital muna kaya naming ipatayo. Let us keep ours feet attached to the ground. Pardon me bro Awsat for this repost I hope i did not violate any rule since this is our thread. Originally Posted by captainpinoy another set of my photos of our kapilyas. Maybe reading others talk about buying your church is painful to the eyes.


Page of I also do it in the spirit of the season that the sanlibutan is celebrating. Originally Posted by treetopbisho. Originally Posted by tnek By showing us how they prosper.

Last edited by treetopbisho; December 20th, at Originally Posted by Awsat. Last edited by tnek14; December 20th, at There are nnamin of you out there.

– Radio – LSFM

Find More Posts by eros wings. We call our edifices “kapilya” to show that until now, we haven’t forgot our humble beginnings. Last edited by azriel; December 20th, at Originally Posted by tnek14 Why there are so many cases like this?

And I apologize to you as well. Oh, what a sanlibutan way of doing things. Last edited by tnek14; December 21st, handg Huwag po kayong mag-alala kasi hindi bumibili ang INC ng mga heritage sites kahit inoffer pa ito tulad sa Spain kasi hindi namin pwede baguhin yung hitsura, alangan naman may mga icons at religious paintings yung gagamitin namin dba?

Is this Mcdo and Jollibee wanna be? I believe there is sometimes a “competition” on which group would be able to acquire the preferred locations first.



Originally Posted by Voogi Out of respect for the humble, down-to-earth, grounded INC members that I count as my friends, I will accede handoh your request.

Btw I’m now on page It was pretty obvious who you were referring to, the general meaning of “sanlibutan” notwithstanding. Find More Posts by Voogi Town centers are also often centers of commerce and where most of the population would reside.

Now that we’ve proven ourselves worthy for a place in this world, let us not make the same mistake they did to us decades ago. Find More Posts by captainpinoy. I know how to read context clues.

What are these locales? Find More Posts by anonymous Guessing game nlang ano po?