Heroica RPG General Discussion · 1 · 2 · 3 · 4 · Heroica RPG Rules & FAQ · 1 · 2 · 3 · 4 · Heroica RPG – Quest # An Unexpected Return. portion of this book re-writes most of the rules from all 4 Heroica set and changes quite a .. This is certainly not an attempt to turn Heroica into a traditional RPG. It’s at and is called “Alternative Version of Heroica”. Download the rules and the Quick Guide and start playing. It’s a blast.

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This set was not released in the US and is difficult to find outside of Europe. Heroes of different level earn different amount of experience from victorious battles.

During quests, the party of heroes encounter various monsters and other adversaries that they must battle. Unless noted otherwise, a Hero may use a potion or scroll during your turn in addition to another action. The die usually contains following options, but all job classes contain variations to them:.

There you go, what do you guys think? Contents [ show ]. Has a Character Sheet. During a quest, the QM will present the party various options on how to advance.

Each was playable independently, or could be combined into one “Epic Heroica” board.

Alternate Lego Heroica Rules

A Druid or Wizard can open magical doors with a roll of a Shield. Movement stops when a character is adjacent including diagonal to an opponent.

If it rolls a Skull, it is defeated. Or, I was possibly thinking that we might ask for permission to do our own mini-version here if we get enough interest. If a party member is knocked out in a battle during a quest, they will be revived after the battle with one health. It is still going strong today, thanks to the thriving playerbase. A Hero can attempt to jump over pits, rocks, magic doors, treasure chests, or monsters, but NOT locked doors. On your turn roll the LEGO dice and move your Hero the number of spaces indicated spaces or 4 spaces if the Shield is rolled.


Heroica RPG Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

The party may encounter traps, locks, shortcuts and dead ends along the quest, so they must be prepared for anything. Neither do attacks from evoker’s elemental spirits, necromancer’s undead minions or Decamon drafter’s card monsters. Available battle actions depend on the job class of the player, but most classes can attack physically with or without a weapon only sages are unable to attack physically. Once the battle starts, the Party Leader decides in what order the heroes act. Line of Sight can be jeroica if a pencil or similar straight, rigid object can be made to touch the character and the opponent without crossing over void spaces.

Using items such as bombs and heroicw on an enemy does not negate it’s Free Hit. You can build most of it yourself with parts from any other Heroica set combined with the daggers from Mini-Taurus which also contains an easily-repurposable herica final boss heroiac four more microfigures. The battle ends when either all the opponents or all the heroes are defeated, or one side has fled. The Wizard, Druid or a character with the staff is not affected by line of sight, only the indicated range.

These items include potionsbombs and scrolls. The game appeals to medieval fantasy fans as well as creative writers. When a player flees, they will gain no experience from the battle. An aspiring hero needs to fill the following form and post it into the Hero Statistics topic. The players on a quest may not post in-character elsewhere e. When it is done, the character must be introduced at the Heroica Hall topic in order to be officially eligible for quests and effectively play the game.


Google [Bot] and 0 guests. Additionally, Lego produced The Lord of the Rings – The Battle for Helm’s Deep – not which used similar rules and builds for a two-player asymmetrical skirmish game. A Thief or a Ranger can open locked doors with a roll of a Shield. Those threads are just filling up. Using items is not affected by distance, so it is beneficiary to use them from the back row.

Sometimes a quest is only available to heroes of a specific level of experience or class. Instead, six houses rule the city, stuck in constant feuds. Heroica Hall, Marketplace or Training Room topics. Go here to join! The quests take place in their own topics open only to the heroes chosen for the quest.

Heroica! The RPG!

A Druid may use the scroll to restore Health to himself or another Hero. Heroica RPG basically operates through posts to a message forum, but it has a set of rules concerning battles and abilities to keep the game consistent and fair to everyone playing. Otherwise, the pips indicate the amount of Health restored. All members of the party choose their desired action and target, and what range they will fight in.

Sign In Don’t have an account? For example, when two Level 5 enemies attack a hero with 5 SP, their combined attacks allow 5 rulws to surpass the defense.

Users browsing this forum: Inscrutably, it was too small to hold more than one set at a time; its most interesting feature was showcasing three areas in the Heroica world that never got turned into games.